What We're Reading This Season

It's always a good idea to open up a new book. Whether you need to reflect on personal development or experience a nostalgic escape, or if you feel like you've been spending too long on your phone, we have you covered!


Below are a few of our favorite reads of the season for you to add to your reading list. Check them out and find your newest read. 

Everything is Figuroutable by Marie Forleo

To say we're big fans of Ms. Marie Forleo is an understatement. “Figuroutable” is a phrase that many may be puzzled by –– but not Marie Forleo. It is her simple mantra and belief that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. This is a mindset that we should all be listening to when faced with indecisiveness or our own insecurities. This book is inspired by Forleo’s mom who often said: “when you get right down to it, you can figure out anything you want.” Forleo starts with the premise that change is possible. She encourages and motivates readers to reach success in their life and career. 

This book is also on Oprah Winfrey’s radar. Oprah named Forleo a “thought leader for the next generation” and Foreleo spoke on Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations. Take our (and Oprah’s) advice and add this book to your reading list!

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

Do you ever try to break a bad habit that just won’t get off your back? Or start new good habits that won’t stick? We have the perfect read for you! James Clear gives a comprehensive guide on how to make tiny changes with remarkable results. This book will help you get 1% better every day, break your bad habits (and stick to good ones), and equip you to practice these ideas in real life. This book is great for the beginning of the new year (and new decade) because it informs readers on how to form habits in a tangible, reachable way. Clear is actually one of the world’s leading experts in habit formation, so this is definitely one of his fortes. He hones in on how the problem of sticking to good habits does not begin with you –– but rather with your system. While teaching readers how to change their system, he inspires them with real-life success stories from Olympic gold medalists to big business leaders. 

This is the type of book that you should start the new year with. Pick a copy up for yourself and see how it will transform your habits and your life!

You Can Thank Me Later: A Novella by Kelly Harms

This audio novella will tug at your heartstrings. It is sweet, sad, and everything in between! It is narrated beautifully by one of the characters in the story named Sophie. The story revolves around the Dickenson family and follows them through three years of Thanksgiving. Sophie is a chef in her 30s and she is preparing a delicious holiday meal for her brothers and sisters-in-law. As they all sit down for Thanksgiving dinner in 2016, it is the last time their family will ever be the same… Early on it becomes clear that among the Dickenson family mix is Sophie’s best friend, Annette. Annette is married to Sophie’s brother, Charlie. Along with Charlie, Sophie has another brother who is expecting a child with his wife. This Thanksgiving isn’t all good food and good fun, though, because Annette is in the midst of a cancer relapse. 

We won’t share much more so you can have a chance to give it a listen and see what happens to the Dickenson family. Once you start listening to this nostalgic and emotionally raw audio novella, you won’t be able to stop!

We hope you enjoy what we’re reading this season! Do you have different books on your radar? Let us know, we’d love to add your recommendations to our reading list. In the meantime, check out some of our previous reading list favorites!

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