Hybrid Planning: Unlocking Efficiency with the Sunsama App

In a world of endless possibilities, why limit yourself to just one planning medium? I know, I know—I run a paper planner company! But hear me out… planning is truly an art form. And while I firmly believe in the magic of putting pen to paper, I also believe in embracing the digital world's convenience.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to my hybrid planning system—a delightful blend of our beautiful paper planners and the dynamic Sunsama app.

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Why Hybrid Planning Works

It is statistically proven that writing things down by hand has massive benefits for productivity and achievement. In fact, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Many well-known CEOs and leaders write their goals down twice a day because they understand the impact it has. Here’s how it works: putting pen to paper sends signals to your brain about your intentions, increasing the chances that what you’ve written will come to fruition.

Not only that, but the physical act of writing helps information to stick in your memory, which improves learning.

That’s why my Ponderlily Planner is still my OG way of getting organized—and always will be.

Our paper planners offer the tactile joy of writing down ideas, crossing off completed tasks, and flipping through pages filled with dreams. Meanwhile, digital tools like the Sunsama app provide the flexibility and convenience to access your plans anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid planning lets you harness the best of both worlds. By fusing the elegance of paper and the power of technology, you can create a planning system that reflects your unique style and needs. And with the Sunsama app, the possibilities are endless.

What Is Sunsama?

The Sunsama app is a digital planner with endless possibilities. It’s a calendar, task list, and project planner all rolled into one, that seamlessly syncs with your other calendars and apps.

I love an app that can help me get things done faster, leverage my strengths, and gamify the process – and Sunsama does all of that. If you’re an Asana lover like me, you’ll find that you can seamlessly integrate the two for maximum hybrid planning.

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The Benefits of the Sunsama App

Imagine seamlessly syncing your tasks and schedules, consolidating all your important information in one accessible place. The Sunsama app, with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, effortlessly integrates with your digital workflows, adapting to your needs and optimizing your time.

Its intelligent features, such as smart suggestions and time blocking, propel your productivity to new heights. Plus, Sunsama fosters collaboration and teamwork, allowing you to share tasks with colleagues or family members and track your progress together.

One feature I’ve found extremely helpful is the timer. It reminds me what I should be working on and when, so I don’t have to use precious brain power to keep track of it all. No more procrastinating! You can even create goals with corresponding tasks, which you can time yourself doing. This is where you can get into ‘gamifying’ your to-do list to increase productivity in a really fun way.

The Sunsama Philosophy (And Other Reasons I Love It)

The thing that truly makes Sunsama stand out from other productivity and planning apps is the core philosophy that it’s built around. Sunsama is designed to promote work that is fulfilling, focused, and humanized. It’s not about turning you into a productivity machine (we have plenty of that, thank you!), but rather, about helping you to dedicate deep focus to what you want to prioritize, so you can find fulfillment in work, and then leave it there—at work.

I love this philosophy because it is so aligned with Ponderlily’s mission of creating deeper purpose and meaning in our day to day obligations and tasks. The words from the Sunsama website struck a chord with me:

“Our success isn’t measured, it’s felt and understood within us. We should work in a way that cultivates an inner sense of well being and success.”

That sounds like my kind of productivity app. One that prioritizes your intelligence, agency, and integrity.

Embark on the Hybrid Planning Journey

If you’re curious about hybrid planning, I invite you to join me on this journey—where the charm of paper planning meets the convenience of digital tools. With Sunsama, you can unlock your productivity potential, harmonize your planning experience, and embark on a new era of organization. One that prioritizes you.

Let's create a world where elegance and efficiency coexist, so you can embrace every moment and achieve your wildest dreams.

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