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About Us

Our Why

At Ponderlily, we're shifting the art of organization by focusing on To-Be lists rather than To-Do lists. We are more than the roles we play, so why should our days be measured by tasks and checkmarks? We create and curate beautiful, environmentally-conscious products that help you fall back in love with your life and nurture those in-between moments in which you truly feel like yourself again.

What this looks like is completely up to you. It can be as epic as chasing your wildest dreams, as simple as (finally!) organizing your desk, as bold as acing that very important board meeting, or as fun as playing hooky with the family. We're here to empower you to learn what's in your heart so you can create a life of meaning with intention, clarity, and joy.

Our Brand

We believe that life shouldn’t just be about working your way through an ever-growing to-do list or leaping from one milestone to the next. Our core collection of planners is the result of research on productivity methods, a passion for nurturing balance and a growing desire to challenge the way organisational products are designed. Through a combination of thoughtful design, engaging prompts and a desire for focusing on what matters most, we aim to foster the process of creating space for meaning. 

Who we are

"Ponderlily is a lifestyle and boutique stationery brand that delivers on-trend, functional, and eco-friendly products for mindful living."

A Note from Carina

Hi, I’m Carina Lawson,  Founder & CEO of Ponderlily. I am a Brazilian-born, Arabian-Gulf raised, Brit-wed, and twin-mum. I earned an undergraduate degree from the US, an MBA from the UK, and graduate certificates from an American institution based in the Arabian Gulf. These experiences equipped me to be an executive with a strong background in operations management, business analysis, and quality management in banking, non-profit, and higher education sectors. I have full days and a full heart: school-runs, impromptu picnics at the park with my girlies, geeking out spreadsheets, studying institutional research because it is interesting, big smiles, meaningful conversations over coffee, sharing my love (okay, obsession) for popcorn with friends, and working on something that brings me joy and a deep sense of purpose. Enter Ponderlily.

In seeking a well-balanced lifestyle that encompasses both authenticity and flexible structure, I created a collection of products for people with full lives who want bold, intentional living with time to be still, kind, strong and happy; their way - because, honestly, there is no ‘right’ way. Ponderlily was born out of the desire to make more space for meaning, a passion for elegant stationery, and gratitude to wonderful friends and family who are supportive of big dreams (a big thank you to A+M+C are in order - you are amazing and never really wanted me to stop talking about planner design).

We truly believe in the transformative power of a fresh piece of paper igniting new beginnings: a new engaging chapter in a book, a thoughtful card to connect with a loved one or a drawing that makes you smile. We are a conscious business, creating products that are both environmentally-friendly and functional -- We can’t do one without the other. It is my hope that the gifts you will find here will uplift, empower, and restore you in cultivating a life with new experiences, meaning, fulfillment, connection, inspiration, and resolve.