How to Fall in Love with Taking Time for You

Let’s get real here. When was the last time you had time to JUST yourself? Time to relax and unwind and enjoy something you truly love. Struggling to remember? That’s a problem, my friend! Let's get that sorted, today. Yes, today. We want you to fall in love with taking time for you.

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Giving yourself permission can be hugely powerful to your wellbeing, in whatever form you need. Give yourself permission to take time off. Give yourself permission to say no. Give yourself permission to feel, to experience and to be. You are enough and you are powerful. Embrace that, and give yourself a little leeway from time to time… you’re only human, after all. We can’t do or have it all, all of the time! 

Making time for you needs to be a priority in your lifestyle and your schedule. Burnout is inevitable when you don’t set aside time to really enjoy alone time and refresh your mind. Dealing with burnout is no joke and we seriously encourage you to avoid it at all costs. 

Of course, it is not always easy to take time for yourself to focus purely on yourself; much less to do so regularly and really clear yourself of distractions. Indeed many resources, both online and off, recommend long periods of spiritual cleansing and fresh habit-building in order to live mindfully – but thankfully restoring your life’s balance to a healthy one and living in a mindful manner can be done much more simply.

Here are some simple and easy ways to set take time for YOU and enjoy it along the way!

Listen to music

Sometimes the act of just sitting still and listening to your favorite playlist can really boost your mood and change things around for your week. Even better - have a solo dance party to move your body and allow those endorphins to do the work. 

Read a book

I’m sure you read emails and memos all day long, but it is time for some more leisure material. Pick up that book off of your bedside table and dig into a few pages. Or work on your list of books to read (we have a printable for that here). If you struggle with setting aside time to read, replace scrolling through social media before bed with a good read. It's self-care, it's far better for your mental health, and it helps you wind down before bed. So many wins!

Spend time with a friend

While solo time is encouraged, sometimes social hour is just as good for the soul. Catch up with an old friend or enjoy a cup of coffee with a new one. Reach out to someone this week to get a date and time on your schedule and make it happen!

Move your body

We are harping on this tip a little bit more, by encouraging you to sign up for an exercise class or check out some at-home workouts online! You can move your body, reset your mind and get ready to take on the rest of your week through this tip. 

Keep your appointments with yourself

I see you rescheduling your appointments to prioritise other things or other people. Add time in your planner for just YOU. Don’t cancel or reschedule, but MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your mind, body, soul - you name it- will be so grateful that you did. So take out your Ponderlily planner right now and mark your ink, friend. 

Remember - taking time for you isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. We encourage you to find with ‘me time’ idea is your favorite and create a plan of action to enjoy some downtime. 

Check out this blog post favorite for even more ideas to find some relaxing time in your schedule! 

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