How to plan the perfect ‘staycation’


Cozy at home with tea and book


You know those days when you just think to yourself that you could REALLY use a holiday? The worst part about those times is that it’s usually during your busiest season with the nearest possible holiday time being months away. Not only is it hard to find the time for a holiday, but it is expensive and takes a lot of pre-planning. However, if you have a free weekend or even just day, you can pull off a pretty relaxing and fun holiday right at home without all the commitment and expenses. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make home feel like a relaxing getaway.

Book a Spa day

There are so many different ways to have the perfect five star worthy spa day. If you don’t want to spend the time or money going to a local spa, bring the spa to your bathroom at home for little to no cost at all. There are so many DIY face masks, like oatmeal and bananas, that are great for your skin and are usually easily found in your kitchen at home. If you don’t feel like DIY-ing it, just take a quick trip to the store. Go all in and cut up some cucumber slices for your eyes, fill up the bathtub with bubbles or a bathbomb, and bring out your fancy robe. This is the perfect excuse to figure out how to use all those fancy lotions or hair products that you never have time for.

Explore local spots

This requires a little research, but every town has cool, local restaurants from food trucks to fine dining that are perfect for a foodie day. Eat your way through town going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner with maybe a few snacks in between. You can work off your day and build your appetite by walking through town window shopping, renting bikes, or just exploring. Being a tourist in your own hometown is pretty entertaining and you will probably discover a few places that you love and never knew existed 10 minutes from your house.

Invite Family for Game Night

If your family is athletic and competitive, or you just like a good board or card game this could be a fun afternoon activity to be enjoyed by everyone. Dust off those board games and re-learn how to play a good game of Uno, or if it’s warm and sunny outside, play some outdoor games like football or soccer. One great idea for those with a ping pong table is a ping pong championship, create a bracket and battle it out with a prize for whoever wins the game. Not only is this so good for you, but it is also a great family time that’s fun and not getting influenced or interrupted by work.

Have a Pool/Lake day

If you live close to a public pool or lake, pack your bags and head out for a day in the sun. If you are going out to a lake, pack your lunches and have a picnic on the bank to eliminate the need to leave for food. A lot of places also have paddle boat or kayak rentals which is a great way to keep the kids busy or have something active to do while your there. You can also pack books and magazines to post up and relax like you’re on island time. If you don’t live close to a lake, a public pool, or private if you have one in your backyard, can be a great place to spend the day swimming and basking in the sun - remember to leave all work behind.

Woman smiling by the beach


Enjoy a Movie Marathon

This idea is not for everyone, but if you are a movie fanatic or just have a favorite series that you never have time to watch, spend an afternoon or night having a movie marathon! Want to make this even better? Invite friends. You could also combine this with the spa day or another morning activity as most people have a hard time watching movies all day long. Make it more fun by either investing in a projector and putting it on a sheet or setting up a little ‘movie room’ with prime seating and plenty of snacks like popcorn, or maybe a cheese board if you’re feeling fancy. Get as creative as you want with this one!

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