How to Set-Up your Undated Ponderlily Planner

One of the greatest things about our Undated Planners is that you can start using them mid-way through the year, and keep on writing until it’s full! Why wait until a new year to embrace a fresh start? Undated planners can be a creative outlet because you can customise it to suit your lifestyle and needs. Let’s dive in and look a little deeper at the undated planner spreads, shall we?

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Inspiration Board

Time to get inspired! Use this space in whatever way feels good to you. Use it as a mood board, a mind map, a place to write personal positive affirmations and your dreams. What inspires you and what will motivate you for the year?  Feel free to get creative and dream big. 

Explore & Experience Section

What would you like to explore and experience this year? What will make your spectacular? Here, we encourage you to keep a wanderlist of places to visit, people to meet, causes you would like to support, or moments to celebrate in 2019 or 2020. It could be small or huge — the contents of this list will be unique to you! I get that we don't often think about to ponder about what we want to explore and experience in our year but rather plan out our days with #allthethings. We really want to encourage you give yourself permission to do that here! 

Monthly Roadmap

This where you’ll need to write in the month you’re starting your planner. 

Bring focus back to your goals on a monthly basis by breaking them down - this gives you the ability for continual reflection and a focus on different aspects of your life: be it career, wellness, home life, etc. As you set your intentions for next month, make sure to go over your Inspiration board to get really clear on your dreams to make them happen.

Monthly Spread

This is a simple calendar view on two pages to give you ample space to write. I use a blue or green colour pen to write in the days of the month. I write key business and personal dates I need to be aware of during the month in the monthly spread of my planner.

Use the Focus section to set priorities of the month. Remember to revisit the monthly spread of my planner every week to make sure I’m not forgetting important dates.

Weekly Spread

This is an undated planner that runs for 12 months with monthly and each month has five weekly spreads. You get to write out the days of the week here. So you get to start on Monday or Sunday.

Naturally, some months you'll days which will be left blank (e.g.: February) so you can either leave them blank or block them with washi tape, draw, etc

You'll need to write the month, days of the week, and date in this section. Our customers use different colours to set up the months and dates. 



In a nutshell, there’s no wrong way to use our planner. It’s been designed to be flexible enough to be in a way that suits your lifestyle, so feel free to jump right in and make it yours. To see the first edition of our undated Ponderlily planners in action watch the video below and read more about it in our FAQ page here.



Recharge section of weekly spread of the Ponderlily planner

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