The Power of Positive Affirmations

In the age of social media and aspirational online personalities and imagery, we are all seeing more quotes, thoughts and philosophies than ever across feeds, searches and screens connected to the internet. Some of these will ring true with you, and some won’t, but just how useful are they?

Inspirational quotes can be thought-provoking and reflective, but many are quite ambiguous and so their meanings and intentions can be widely interpreted, or even misunderstood. A more helpful, but similar statement, is a Positive Affirmation.

A Positive Affirmation is a short, positive-focusing, confident and conclusive statement designed to help program the mind and change the way individuals feel and think about things around or ahead of them. They should be set in the present or future and can be used to help you focus on your goals, feel contentment and rid yourself of negative or self-defeating beliefs (even extremely deep-rooted ones!) to better achieve peace of mind.

Essentially, Positive Affirmations work on the belief that you are what you think. If you are clouded with self-doubt and insecurities, these will impact on your daily life to the point where situations are naturally inclined to turn out negatively. However, thinking and believing in positivity can have the opposite effect; keeping you in a fantastic mental state even if and when things around you feel as though they’re spiralling out of control. Positive Affirmations give focus and purpose.

How you use Positive Affirmations is up to you. The best way is usually to find one that fits with your current situation or circumstances and to write it into your Ponderlily journal for the week ahead. While you’re at it, write it on some post-its and stick to your mirror, your fridge, your coffee pot and your computer, and set periodic reminders on your smartphone! Anywhere you’ll look during the day can be a great place for it to feature, so that you notice it and can read it to yourself (out loud or silently) at any time. Repetition is key for Positive Affirmations to take hold of your subconscious and re-program it, so continue on with repeating your chosen affirmation to yourself, no matter your mood, circumstances or location. Think of your affirmation as a “fake it til’ you make it” for your brain – it’ll soon become reality if you work on it enough!

Even if you’re not focusing on a specific goal or objective, Positive Affirmations can still be helpful. Furthermore, you don’t need to follow other people’s or choose from existing mantras. You can write your own, and feel free to plagiarise others that you’ve found and amend to fit your purposes. If you’re lacking inspiration, try some of the following:

“I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intervention.”
“I train my body. I focus my mind.”
“I am in charge of my own feelings and I choose happiness.”
“I am enough.”
“I let go of all that no longer serves me.”
“I refuse to give up.”

Your Ponderlily planner was designed with the the perfect place to write, store and reflect upon your Positive Affirmations through the weeks, months and years. Visit our Pinterest board for some positive affirmation inspiration!

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