World, Meet Ponderlily

This has got to be the most exciting introduction I’ve ever made.

But first, let me tell you a story.

As a motivated woman with big dreams, an education to be proud of, a career that’s blooming and a family who I love more than anything, my heart was full of joy; but I found myself tuning into (often unsolicited and conflicting) advice of well-meaning people in my life of how I should balance my home and work. This included, “get up at 5 am so you can work out” or “put in longer hours to show you deserve that promotion” to “grow/make your own, fresh, organic [pickles/almond milk/kale/kombucha].” True story.

I soon found myself caught in a never-ending cycle of being busy, successful, and exhausted. Often adjusting to everyone else’s priorities over mine, I wasn’t properly appreciating my life and all of the vibrant, wonderful things that were around me. I was constantly playing catch-up and feeling like I was not doing enough to be productive or not being enough to my family, friends, and my community, etc, simply because there weren’t enough hours in my day.

Sound familiar?

I quickly learned that the high expectations and pressures I put on myself to be a dedicated professional, wife and mother, were sometimes unrealistic and unsustainable… and were making me anxious about walking past the almond milk aisle in the supermarket!

As I tried to be in-sync with what was important in my day, prompts in my planners added to that tension with a focus on to-do lists and cramped appointment slots. There wasn’t space to nurture those quiet, reflective moments where best ideas happen. Nor was there space to stay mindful of the need to recharge. The many people I spoke with when researching our core collection of planners often talked about how nice it would be to go to a yoga class, or seeing their families more often, but didn’t have the time to allow space for creativity, wellness, and fun. When we’re caught up in these wishlists, the roles we play, and the many hats we wear throughout the day, it’s challenging to be open to aligning dreams with values and meaningful action.

Ponderlily aims to help you put yourself, your purpose, and your dreams on the agenda so you feel strong, fulfilled, and restored that allows you to show up and create positive change in the world. Over the past two years, I’ve been pouring my heart into creating products that will help people plan, pursue and seize what means most to them, so they can ROCK their lives with intention, and inspiration. Let's make space for meaning. MEET PONDERLILY



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