Which planner do you need? 

So, your haphazard Notes app and chaotic Google calendar are no longer cutting it. You’re in the market for a planner so you can put pen to paper and finally show your to-do list who’s boss. 

We all have such different lives, schedules, and needs, that there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ planning strategy. What’s more, your planning needs may have changed. If you’re a graduate transitioning to your first full-time job, the way you structure your day and breeze through your to-do list will be completely different. 

You have to choose a planner that meets your current needs. So, where do you begin? 

Firstly, think about what will make your life easier.

Are you a goal-getting entrepreneur who needs a birds-eye view of your year? Or maybe you’re a busy mum who needs to plan your days down to the hour, from work deadlines to the school run? Just because a planner has an Instagram-worthy front cover doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you: it has to meet your needs and help you accomplish your unique goals. 

What’s your planning style? 

Do you prefer to tackle your plans with logic, bullet points and razor-sharp precision? Or do you prefer to brainstorm and doodle to let your creativity run wild? Make sure your planner of choice matches your approach to working, organising and processing information. 

You need a daily planner if...

  1. You have a demanding work and social life 

  2. You have a rolling to-do list of daily tasks 

  3. You’re juggling different roles and need to prioritise your obligations so you don’t get overwhelmed (e.g. you’re a mum, business owner and social butterfly, rolled into one!) 

  4. You spend so much time looking after other people, you sometimes neglect looking after yourself. You want to make space for habits that will support your personal growth, such as intentions, gratitudes, and mindful activities.

You need a weekly planner if…

  1. You need to keep track of your commitments and plans, but find daily to-do lists too prescriptive 

  2. You prefer to have an aerial view of your most important tasks for the week, so you can factor in time for spontaneous plans 

  3. You’re better at ‘big picture’ planning and don’t want to get bogged down with the minutiae 

  4. You want to see your week at a glance so you’re not at risk of double-booking 

  5. You need plenty of blank spaces to jot down reminders, thoughts and goals



Happy planning!

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