Top 3 Tips to Building a Happy & Healthy Team

We talk a lot about connection here at Ponderlily. We feel this is particularly important as you work with a team. Whether you work with large or small teams, it's important to create a sense of connection so your team can be productive and innovative - without the burnout! Check out our top 3 tips to build a happy and healthy team.

1. Showcase Wellness
Leaders need to model happy and healthy habits to cultivate these habits in successful teams. Leaders who walk the talk create more engaged teams. Teams who participate in workplace wellness programs have improved levels of productivity and engagement. From daily desk yoga sessions to mindfulness workshops, your employees will thank you and soon you will see benefits beyond bottom-line measures.

2. Build and Nurture a Strength-Based Capacity Culture
Let people do work that they’re good at and that brings them joy. Incorporate regular team member led sessions where individuals can showcase and build their capacity to contribute to the team as a whole. This will create engagement, encourage professional development opportunities, and add value to the organization.

3. Inject Fun into the Workplace
I’m talking board games, charades, team outings, etc. I worked in a bank where we had weekly Pictionary challenges and it was THE BEST. This can be done over lunch, it doesn't have to take all day. Let people connect and laugh; there’s life beyond the cubicle. People are more than the roles that they play and it’s important to create an environment that supports this.

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