The Ultimate Summer Planning Kit: 6 Free Printables to Take the Stress Out of Summer Travel & Planning

It's summertime and the living is easy! Or is it? I've got a secret for you: the living might be easy but that doesn't mean the planning can wait. It's never too late to plan your summer so that you can be intentional, make memories and look back on this season with deep appreciation. This Ultimate Summer Planning Kit includes everything you need to make the most of your summer plans. From creating summer rhythms and routines to packing for your holiday and tackling your summer reading list—we've got you covered! Whether you're traveling across the world, or within walking distance of your local neighborhood, download these 6 free printables to take the stress out of summer planning and have your best summer yet.

Summer Travel Essentials

I've been planning our family's summer adventures for weeks—since the beginning of April, to be exact! 

I'm actually kind of proud of myself because we travel SO much during the summer: day trips, destination weekends, and even a few week long road trips with “camping” thrown in. We're always on the go, and it can become overwhelming with packing lists, itineraries and coordinating So. Many. Things…

Our Travel Essentials printable allows you to get clear on what’s important to you. Make an essential packing list or activity list—either way, you’ll know exactly what you need to bring or do so that what’s important never falls through the cracks.

Download your FREE Travel Essentials Printable here.

Summer Travel Wanderlust

This summer we’re traipsing all over the U.K. to meet up with family. I love my family so much, they can’t possibly get on my nerves. My family doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to make silly t-shirts or hats (they can’t stop me!) for everyone to wear. I might even make a PowerPoint presentation!

But whether you’re as crazy about your family as I am—or you’re heading out on a solo or romantic jaunt—documenting what you loved on your travels and special moments will help you remember them long after.

Our Travel Wanderlust Printable has space for moments that made you smile, places you’ll never forget and fabulous food you tried—and more!

Download your Travel Wanderlust Printable here.

Summer Party Planning

From birthday parties to Father’s Day or just an excuse to celebrate the season, summer tends to be filled with parties and gatherings. And our Party Planning Essentials printable keeps the summer vibe easy, breezy and organized while helping you to pull off a seamless get-together.

With a guest list, to-do lists and shopping needs all in one place, this simple (yet beautiful) printable is all the paper you need to plan your next summer party. 

Download your Party Planning Printable here.

Daily Summer Rituals

With a  new season comes new rhythms. School is out, there are camps and trips intermixed with long, lazy days. Embracing the season and a rhythm that works for you and your family will ensure you’re making the most of your plans and intentions.

The Daily Rituals planner lets you take things at your own pace. If you want to look ahead three months in advance or just focus on morning, afternoon and evening rhythms—this printable has got you. It gives you the opportunity to simplify your days and whittle down what matters most to you and why. There’s even some space to give yourself intentional rewards. I hope you take advantage of that section, lovely!

Inspiration page spread for a vision board

Download your Daily Rituals Planning Sheet here.

Summer Workout Plan

While summer days may feel lazier than other seasons, being lazy doesn’t always make us feel at our best. And keeping up your exercise regimen, despite the changing schedules, can be a great way to maintain some consistency in your routine. 

Getting outdoors for hikes, bike rides or a pick up game is made much easier during the summer season. And keeping a regular practice of movement will also help you to feel healthy and confident for swimsuit season.

Our Weekly Workout and Meal Plan is the one-stop printable for tracking your health routines. Just making a plan makes you twice as likely to execute it, so why not print it out and write it down?

Download your Workout Plan printable here.

Summer Book List

Ah, summer reading. Days beside the lake or enjoying the quiet of the countryside call for a juicy novel, a riveting biography or the latest non-fiction bestseller. Whatever your tastes, give yourself a summer reading goal to get to all those titles you’ve been meaning to devour. 

And our Books to Read Planning Sheet makes them easy to track. 

Download your Book List printable here.

Well, there you have it: an extended checklist of all things summer. Hopefully this will help you or your family plan the perfect summer (or, at the very least, make the whole process go a little smoother). 

My hope is that by reducing the stress of your summer planning, you can instead enjoy the precious time with friends and family outdoors, talking and laughing together, connecting through meals and art projects, exploring nature, reading and writing, playing games and singing songs.

The good news is there are plenty of free tools you can use to make the planning easier—and the memories richer.

Explore all the free printables here.

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