The Top Three Apps to Help you Create Positive Habits

As more of us turn to wellbeing and mindfulness practices to help us achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle, it makes sense that our modern technological reliance interact with this quest. The burgeoning health and spirituality industry has seen a multitude of Apps pop up on the marketplace to help nurture individuals on their life paths; be that physically, mentally or spiritually.

It’s true that now every company around seems to claim to be founded by gurus or experts and every programme claims to be the best. The smartphone and device App market is now somewhat overcrowded, but there’s no need to waste precious time on programmes or methods that are unproven or unreliable – we’ve searched through the best of the best and have identified the top three that we think are the most innovative and helpful. No matter how far along your wellness journey you are, we recommend downloading the following and giving them a try to help you navigate your way.

Aaptiv: Audio Exercise – available on the App Store and Google Play, free trial available with in-app purchases

Dubbed ‘the exercise App for introverts’, Aaptiv allows anyone to find a workout or sports routine that they love, delivered straight through headphones for audio and their smartphone screen for video to ensure they’ve got everything correct and are feeling motivated throughout it. The trainers coaching users through are all highly-trained in their individual fields and combined with their favourite music, deliver the kind of experience you could expect from hiring a PT in a gym.

You’ll find hundreds of options including running, boxing, flexibility training, yoga, strength building and even maternity fitness programmes. There’s something for everyone, and if you enjoy the free trial, you can go to sign up and use Aaptiv trainers full time!

Wherever individuals prefer to work out -- at the gym, at home, on the road for business -- Aaptiv goes along with its members. Most fitness solutions expect people to change their programs and routines. Aaptiv lets people choose the workout types and locations they prefer, and “meets” each member on their own fitness journey. Trainers conceive of and produce workout classes that suit the needs of people at every stage of fitness: novice, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


The Fabulous: Motivate Me! – available on the App Store and Google Play, free with in-app purchases

An App founded within Duke University’s Centre for Advanced Hindsight, led by Behaviourists and Professors, Fabulous is an app that aims to create strong foundations for positive habit forming, rather than offering one-off or quick-fix solutions. Designed to help users develop and cultivate healthy habits the app’s gentle prompts help you make strides towards your goals.

The Fabulous has won numerous awards and boasts Professor Dan Ariely, author of the New York Times bestseller “Predictably Irrational”, as part of their team. We’ve used it consistently for almost a year and it’s definitely a favourite here at the Ponderlily office! 

Calm – available on the App Store and Google Play, free trial available with in-app purchases

Continually rated the #1 App in the ‘Meditation and Sleep’ category, Calm offers a free trial before you need to commit to paying for a subscription. Calm focuses on four different categories: Meditation, Breathe, Sleep and Relax. The first teaches you to effectively clear your mind and transform your mind with meditation skills, and the second breathing exercises to relax and find peace at any point during the day or night. The Sleep section echoes the bedtime stories of your childhood and reads out soothing tales with beautiful voices to help you nod off for a restful and deep sleep, promoting health sleep quality. The Relax section offers you the chance to immerse yourself in nature, however far removed from reality that may be.

Calm can be used daily or sporadically, based on your desired usage. Combining the tools featured help you ground your mindset and elevate your mood, no matter what’s happening around or to you.

 If you can find an App that helps you do something positive every day, however big or small, stick with it and feel the transformation into positivity. Mix it up when you can and enjoy your new lifestyle full of well-rounded thinking, contentment, and – dare we say it - peace!

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