The Joy of Gifting

There’s an art to gifting. Sometimes, it’s a last-minute necessity (“Surely it can’t be their birthday already?!”). Other times, it’s a small gesture of love, appreciation or sympathy. But the best kind of gifting is when we know the recipient inside-out and buy them the perfect present to use, admire and cherish. 

Gift-giving is a love language. When done well, it shows our special people that we see them, understand them, and appreciate them. 

Here’s Ponderlily’s guide on how to choose gifts that they won’t need a receipt for. 

What’s the occasion? 

New home? New job? Promotion? Exam results? If your friend or loved one is going through an exciting period of transition, think carefully about what they’ll use and appreciate as they enter a new stage of life - especially the items that may not have crossed their mind. Maybe your bestie’s swish new job involves more client-facing responsibilities. A stylish meeting notebook or professional portfolio case would be ideal gifts to help them step into the role in style. 

Gifting ‘just because’ 

Random acts of kindness can be the most impactful. Turning up to a friend’s house with a gift bag in hand. Sending your faraway relative a surprise in the post. Popping a little something on your favourite colleague’s desk. The unspoken message is: I appreciate you and I think you’re the best - you deserve a treat! For those ‘just because’ moments, you can’t go wrong with a bullet journal and matching brass pen. Versatile and stylish, your friend or loved one can jot, doodle, journal, and plan to their heart’s content. 

Make it sustainable 

Being conscious about your gifting isn’t just about considering the emotional impact, but the environmental one, too. Is your gift likely to be enjoyed beyond a fleeting moment? Sure, that novelty plastic gadget or makeup set may have seemed like a funny or thoughtful idea at the time. But if it’s going to end up in landfill, is it really worth it? It’s a good idea to prioritise quality, sustainable gifts over throwaway items. Our chic Ponderlily planners are printed in full colour on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink. What’s more, our packaging is recycled and biodegradable too. 

Mix and match

‘Tis the season of generosity and what better way to show them you care than a matching set of goodies? Maybe your friend can’t start the day without scribbling down her Morning Pages. Or, perhaps your business partner has a jam-packed work and social schedule that means she’s constantly on the go. Whether it’s the Journal Lover Gift Set or the Productivity Gift Set our themed gift bundles are the ultimate self-care and motivation starter packs. 

The Ponderlily Gifting Program 

Business owners and entrepreneurs: this one’s just for you! 

You’ve got a team of superstars behind you. Your clients are a joy to work with. You want to give something back to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work, support, and dedication. 

The Ponderlily Gifting Program has got you covered. Simply sign up to become a gifting partner, tell us about the lucky folks who’ll be receiving your gifts, and select the Ponderlily products you’d like to treat them with. We’ll handle the rest, including the gift wrapping! 

Need some inspiration? Browse our collection of planning products to find the ultimate gifts for the best people in your life. 

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