6 Ways To Have A More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Sustainability is no longer a fringe movement led by activists. More than ever, we’re willing to prioritise eco-friendly products to protect our planet.

There are hugely influential social media accounts and publications dedicated to environmentally friendly advice, and the vast majority of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy sustainable brands. Vegan and meat-free diets are continuing to gain popularity. Today, small businesses and large corporations alike are choosing more sustainable practices in response to consumers' prioritising looking after our planet Earth.

Knowing how to respond to the sustainability movement on an individual level can be a challenge. If we want to eat healthier, we add more nutritious foods into our diets. If we want to improve our fitness levels, we start going to the gym. If we want a promotion at work, we put in more effort and take initiative.

When it comes to achieving a sustainable lifestyle, we need to adopt the same approach: set a goal and work towards it, one day at a time.

Here are my top tips to get you started with a more sustainable lifestyle:

1. Make Your Sustainable Lifestyle Goals Clear

Have you ever set a vague goal like “get fitter” or “read more books?”

Without meaningful targets and intentional action, our lofty goals tend to fall flat before we’ve even started. The more we break down our goals into manageable chunks, the more likely we are to achieve them. This means writing your goals down in your journal or planner, setting actionable targets, and charting weekly or monthly progress. 

It’s also handy to share our intentions with a friend, so we can support each other and practise accountability. Let’s say your goal was to “be more environmentally friendly” - you could break that intention down into achievable monthly targets such as, “walk to work X days a week” or “replace all single-use plastic with reusable alternatives”.

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2. Set Up A Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge 

Is there a better motivator than a bit of friendly competition?

Why not set a monthly low impact lifestyle challenge with your friends, such as who can achieve the lowest energy bill, or who makes the most journeys via foot, bicycle, or public transport?

Challenges like these encourage people to support sustainable causes while having fun in the process!

3. Make Meal Prep A Priority

It’s all too easy to get into a habit of grabbing food on the go - not only do we rack up single-use plastic, but those meal deals are also not as cost or time effective as you might think.

Meal plans can help you adhere to budgets, make more sustainable choices, and save time by preparing and making your meals in advance.

Rather than make huge overwhelming changes to your diet, you could consider including a couple of vegan or vegetarian meals a week to get used to the idea of reducing your meat or dairy intake - a great way to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What’s more, storing your food in reusable, durable containers will significantly reduce your single-use plastic consumption.

4. Make Realistic Sustainability Pledges

Set yourself realistic sustainability pledges that you’ll stick to.

Why not challenge yourself not to buy any plastic bags for a month? Or aim to take your reusable coffee mug out every time you leave the house so you never have to buy a disposable cup?

By defining some basic non-negotiable sustainability goals, you set a standard for yourself that you continually build upon.

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5. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Developing a plastic or chemical-free shower routine is a manageable but impactful step in being more sustainable. Shampoo and conditioner bars and refillable soaps are fantastic ways to cut down on your plastic waste.

6. Continue To Learn About Sustainability 

Sustainability issues are endless, which means there are countless goals that we could set if we wanted to. This is why it’s so important to stay informed and educated about the ever-changing issues affecting our planet, on both a local and global level.

Commit to reading one article or educational source a week to educate yourself about environmental policies or sustainability initiatives. Knowledge is power; the more we know about sustainability, the more we can influence and educate others.


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