Our Top 5 Best Tips for Setting Boundaries: How to Give and Guard your Time When Working From Home

Feeling overworked? Like your notifications control your day? Or that you never have time for your own projects because you are constantly getting wrapped up in other people's tasks? If this describes you, you need to evaluate your boundaries and how well you are guarding your time. Let’s take a look at our top 5 best tips for setting boundaries when working from home.

Many of us fail to set boundaries in our work. Our people-pleasing tendencies take control and we end up overexerting ourselves for others while neglecting our work. I just want you to remember this: do not feel guilty for setting boundaries.

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Boundaries are necessary to create a positive and efficient work life.

Being a real steward of your time begins with boundaries.

If you still struggle with boundary-setting-guilt, follow the tips below.

Get on onboard as to why setting boundaries is important to you, first

If you don’t know why you are setting boundaries in the first place, it can be really easy for others to overstep them. So, the best place to start when setting solid boundaries is to make sure you see the purpose of them in your business. Grab a pen and paper, make a cup of your favorite coffee, and take some time to reflect on these questions:

  •   What problems are weak boundaries creating in your life?
  •   What scares you or holds you back from setting stronger boundaries?
  •   What do you think will happen if you don’t make any changes to your boundaries?

Once you understand why your boundaries aren’t working, it becomes much easier to set boundaries that work. 

Communicate to others what this will allow you to do when you’re finished 

Don’t be afraid to communicate the boundaries you are setting with teammates or clients. Communicating boundaries to yourself are as important as communicating it to others. You can’t be available 24/7 or your work will not be its best. Make sure your clients or teammates understand why you are guarding these boundaries and how they will help you to be a more efficient worker for your business.

Remember what this will allow you to accomplish and feel

When you are tempted to overstep your time boundary to please a client or potential customer, take a moment to remember that your boundaries are in place to foster success in your business, not keep you from it.

Setting and actually sticking to your boundaries results in so many benefits! Keeping smart boundaries will help improve your motivation, reduce stress, and manage your expectations with your time from day-to-day. Boundaries empower YOU to make meaningful decisions with your time.

Turn off notifications for deep focus

Emails and text messages and phone calls, oh my! One of the biggest interruptions that cut into our time and cause us to overstep the boundaries we have set for ourselves are the many notifications we get throughout the day.

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down with your to-do list in hand ready to dive into a big important project and an hour later you have answered 7 emails and 2 phone calls but have got nothing done on your project?

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Put your phone and inbox on do not disturb to create clear boundaries between the time you are working on the tasks in front of you and when you are answering and interacting with clients or teammates. Leaving space in your schedule for this deep focus can help you defeat procrastination and get through that task list even more efficiently!

Take breaks

Just because you are setting boundaries with people and technology, does not mean you need to turn into a task-completing-machine. You are still human! Incorporating breaks into your day helps create mental space and can re-energize you when your eyes begin to glaze over from staring at your computer too long.

Use your Ponderlily planner to schedule your break times and stick to them!


Be proud of sticking to your boundaries! Get creative and set up rewards for keeping your boundaries and completing your work! 

Remember, you should feel no guilt for putting boundaries in place. Boundaries need to happen to help you be a better employee, teammate, and leader. Plus, boundaries positively impact your wellbeing by protecting your energy throughout the day. Steward your time well and you will see your business thrive.

Be sure to check out our printables to create the perfect set up for each day, occasion, and more! 


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