Ponderlily People: Victoria Murray

 Picture by Victoria Murray of a woman holding a Ponderlily planner and a camera

This week, we interviewed Victoria for our Ponderlily People feature on The Journal. Victoria is a branding photographer for health and wellness professionals, the people who are making the world a better place by encouraging others to be their own number one priority.

 Victoria is an avid user of Ponderlily products and incorporates her planner into her busy, but holistic lifestyle. She also uses Ponderlily to help run her amazing photography business! We were so excited to get the chance to talk with her. Read more about Victoria, how she organizes her days, and what she loves most in life!

Where in the world are you with your planner?

Surrey, United Kingdom

Victoria MurrayWho is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Valentino Rossi, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, and Jasmine Star.

Which Ponderlily planner or Ponderlily product do you own?

I have both the 2018 and 2019 planners and two travel journals.

We know that like most of us, you have a full life that can sometimes get busy. What's a typical day like for you and how do you manage your energy during busy seasons?

I'm lucky in my life that I don't have a typical day. If I am photographing I will be heading out of the house to an exciting location to work with inspiring people. This can be anywhere from just down the road to a foreign country.

On non-shooting days I will be editing or out going to my network to bring benefit to others.

What has become paramount for me is having time outside with my dog, Neo, with no distractions of social media or the temptation to check those emails one more time. Since adopting a more plant-based diet, I now always start my day with a nutritious and protein-packed shake that really gives me a boost and keeps me away from the coffee. This has been a game changer for me in managing my energy levels whilst ensuring optimum health.

How does your planner help you plan your days with more intention?

Definitely in breaking down the day into hourly time slots and the reminder of the positive habits I have made myself accountable for.

What's the best part of your job and what are you looking forward to this week?

I love connecting with others to help people. It really lights me up. This week I am photographing the launch of a local vegan cafe and I am excited to help spread the word and highlight the range of choices.

If you could say one thing to lots of people, what would it be?

You have one life. Live it fully. Spread happiness. Remember to smile.

How would your best friend describe you in 3 words?

Loyal, Loving, Fun.

Victoria, what's your secret superpower?

I've got a photographic memory. Its great when trying to remember where I last saw something.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

The news that Neo (my dog) would be ours. We thought we had missed out but nope, he is now firmly part of the family.

Lastly, where can our community connect with you? Feel free to send us your Instagram handle and/or website so our readers can find you.

You can head over to the website www.yourbrandingphotographer.co.uk or to Instagram @yourbrandingphotographer.co.uk


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