Ponderlily People: Huma

This week, we'd like you to meet Huma. She's an award-winning published author, mum, and the force behind the store Our Story Time. 

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Where in the world are you with your planner right now?


We know you’re busy. How do you balance all of your responsibilities? Any tips for our readers?

Although I strive for simplicity, my everyday life may sometimes be a little less straightforward. Between my work as a writer and looking after my three little boys, there's room for all sorts of little things - like invitations and permission slips and edits I need to make - to fall into the cracks. When this happens, I tell myself it's okay. The world won't end because of it. And then I start afresh. I take my planner, and split my weekly to-do lists in two: one for work, one for home. I keep the lists short - no more than four jobs on each - and anything else, I add to my notes section so I can move it forward into the next week. This routine is pleasingly repetitive and it gives me structure. But more than anything, just the habit of opening my planner and knowing what's in store helps me be more mindful of my week, of what I need, of when I must rest.

What specific feature do you like best about using our planner and why?

I am filling in my planner for 2019 already and what is already helping me is the ability to see my month as an overview in the monthly spread before I enter each week. My diary is already starting to fill up with important deadlines I must remember for work and dates for my family, and yet seeing it in this way is not overwhelming. It makes everything seem that much more manageable.

What do you do to recharge?

I am training to be a yoga teacher, so yoga is a big part of my recharge time. As a writer, I'm also a naturally hungry reader and settling down to read - uninterrupted - brings me great joy.

Favourite TV show of all time?

The Good Wife. A sharp, slick script and brilliant characters.

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