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Traveling for work can be stressful if you don’t prepare properly! You may find yourself constantly forgetting that phone charger or having to go to the convenience store once you land because you forgot your favourite shampoo (because whether you’re presenting or networking, having a good hair day helps)! Here at Team Ponderlily, we travel a lot and have become pros at packing and prepping for the time away from home. Read below for some of our favorite tips!

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Pack like a pro

Having a digital copy of your go-to packing items can save you so much time and stress in the long run, especially when a last-minute travel date is booked by your boss. Consider creating two different versions of your list on your phone. One for warmer weather and another for colder times of the year. Sure, a lot of the packing list will be the same, but having items listed out will help you make sure things are not left behind.

As you get more experienced and become an expert at hopping on the plane and getting to that big meeting, you may find your list will change over time. Make sure to keep things updated and add stuff when you think of it as well! Don’t forget to check out our online library of printables too! These easy to use resources include a few things that will be helpful for your travels (like our packing printable) and everyday life.

Some of the best clothing items to pack for work trips are black pieces. They don’t show wrinkles easily and you can wear the same item a few times if needed. However, there is always the hot steam shower trick if you do end up needing to unwrinkle your clothes!

Another packing tip I have used over the years is to leave a little wiggle room in my suitcase. Nine times out of ten I don’t have my clothes folded as neatly and tightly as I do when I first pack, so I always leave a little extra space for the trip home. Also, wiggle room for all the conference swag, guys!

When it comes to what exactly to pack, here is an example to help you out! Let’s say you’re packing for a 3-day conference, which by the way, we have a printable for in our FREE library (you're welcome!). Here's what we do:

Pack 3 outfits for conference days, keeping weather in mind. If it's cold and rainy, I add a coat that will work for all 3 days and that will travel with me so it doesn't take up so much room in the suitcase. If the weather will be nice, I'll still take a wrap that I can take on the plane with me in case it gets cold at the conference venue. I also pack 2 complimentary outfits to go out in that can easily turn into 4 outfits, if paired correctly.

Also, if working out is a stress reliever for you doing the work week, pack some workout clothes. Don’t forget the tennis shoes! Sometimes fitting in a quick treadmill run in the mornings can really get me in the right mindset to take on the day.

Use time on the plane for personal items

As tempted as you will be to work on the plane, use this time to yourself! You will have work waiting for you once you get to your destination. Bring along that book you have always wanted to read or download that new album from your favorite artist. If you have an extended flight, it is okay to mix some work into your in-air experience, but devote some time to yourself too.

Plan a sweet surprise for a loved one

If you have little kiddos like me, or have a loved one waiting at home while you are away, think of a sweet surprise you can plan for them before you travel they can enjoy while you're away. Maybe hide a note in their sock drawer or put a small trinket in their backpack for them to find once you have boarded the plane. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something thoughtful to let them know that you miss them. A simple Post-It note with the words, "I love you," will do just fine. It'll also help time go by a little faster for them too!

So get ready for takeoff the smart way with these ideas and be sure to grab your travel resources in our free printable library to get started! 

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Safe travels!

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