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Adulting is hard work. Managing a professional life, a personal life, and possibly the personal lives of small humans if you are a parent, is no easy feat. There’s a reason that personal calendars are so popular, whether in paper or digital form.

Maybe you’ve got meetings all day, an appointment squeezed in here or there, and then rushing off to get groceries and figure out a meal plan. Finding time for actualizing your goals and dreams in the in-between spaces can feel difficult, maybe even impossible. 

Managing your life in an efficient, effective, and fulfilling way isn’t impossible, and doesn’t even have to be difficult. Let me introduce you to Ponderlily, who we are, how we are changing the face of what keeping a daily planner means, and changing what it means to live more sustainably. 

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Why bother creating sustainable stationery products?

Ponderlily was born out of a desire to create and nurture meaningful lives through the use of mindful planning as well as mindful purchasing - the two are inextricably linked. 


We approach sustainability from three different angles: at the binder, packaging, and transport. 


At the binder, we help people to put themselves, and their dreams, back on the agenda with high-end designs that also connect with a higher purpose. We choose rock star partners with environmentally-sound manufacturing practices and supplies. And our products are eco-friendly from cover to cover. We use 100% rayon cloth that is REACH compliant. Our products are printed on FSC recyclable paper using soy-based inks. 


All stages of packaging, from our manufacturer to your doorstep, were carefully considered.

At Ponderlily, when sending products to our business counterparts, we opted out of the use of bubble wrap for transporting orders and utilize biodegradable packing peanuts instead. 

When sending products to you, our packaging presentation was carefully designed and considered to only include what is absolutely necessary, on purpose; back to basics without losing the finesse of a luxury look and feel. We use recyclable mailers and water-activated kraft paper tape that is biodegradable and repulpable to make recycling our boxes easier. 

And when you need a pretty gift? We don't do gift wrapping but instead provide you with a lovely keepsake box, made to last.


Sustainability doesn’t end with production and packaging. Getting the products to our customers in a mindful way is an important part of our process. Ponderlily’s planners are manufactured in Europe, keeping things close to home to reduce how far they have to travel, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. We’re also visiting printers and service providers in the Northeast of England to get some of our products to keep things as close to home here in Newcastle as possible. 

We’re not only environmentally conscious but also mindful of creating planners that can be used sustainably by our customers. What this means is that you won’t have another planner stacked up on your bookshelf or under a pile of papers on your desk that is forgotten about after a month or two. The way our planners were created makes them a sustainable (as in longterm) choice for keeping track of your to-do list, but also empowering you to use that to-do list to be the person you were meant to be in this moment. 

How are Ponderlily’s planners different from other planners? 

We not only value sustainability, but we also value style, function, and what it means to be human. 

At Ponderlily, we’ve studied productivity and what is required to foster an environment of true productivity. With this knowledge, we aimed to redesign, to reinvent, how people organize their lives and their schedules by putting their goals and aspirations on the agenda.

In our planners, you’ll find monthly road maps where you can fill out goals, hopes, and dreams that set you up for success and keep you focused on what’s most important in your life. You’ll have daily spaces to record your to-do’s and to-done’s, as well as extra prompts to allow you to dream, find gratitude, and live a life filled with intention and meaning. 

Living an intentional and inspired life requires dedication and a commitment to supporting people, brands, and causes that are paving the way for a better planet today, as well as for future generations.

Ponderlily is dedicated to meeting the needs of the consumer with flexible, beautiful, functional, and empowering planners and journals while also meeting the needs of the environment. We can nurture positive change in the world and in ourselves if we support those taking steps to make the world a better place.

With those collective actions, collective shifts in perspective, collective shifts in what kind of businesses we want to support financially, we can create a collective change for the greater good. 

Picture of Carina Lawson

As the founder and creator of Ponderlily, Carina shares that as the Ponderlily collection grows, intentionality drives everything we create. With plastic-free shipping material, we're committed to loving the planet well. With reminders about holidays recognized in various cultures, we are committed to loving our communities well. And with prompts that celebrate the person behind the to-do list, we are committed to loving you well.

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