Love to Travel, Hate the Trip? 4 tips to Help you Enjoy the Journey

I will say it. I am not a fan of flying. However, because of my job and multiple trips overseas to visit family (I’m Brazilian-born, Gulf-raised, and Brit-wed), I have to travel and rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles. Over the years, I have found a few life hacks to make time in the airport and time in the air a little easier. So a fun trip or work commitment coming up, use these ideas to help you ease into it all!

  1. Book your flight, then pick a date to pack. Packing the night before or even hours before takeoff is a bad idea. Doable? Yes, but this only increases your stress level and pretty much guarantees that you will forget something. A week leading up to your trip, write down a list of all of the things you need to bring. Here’s a Travel Essentials Checklist to get you started and that you can save for future trips! You can also save this list into your phone if you are a frequent traveler to help streamline the process in the future. Be sure to check the weather report for where you are going as well. You may need to pack an extra coat or lighter layers depending on where you are going. Set aside time without distractions to get your packing completed. Little ones may enjoy taking out items without you knowing while you pack your bag. This recently happened to me with my twins. And trust me, it will make life easier instead of rotating the same two outfits because your “helpers” took out most of your stuff without you knowing.
  2. Put your mind at ease. If you are nervous about flying, talk to a friend to help calm you down. One of my best friends is a pilot, and she always knows the right things to say to make me feel better, every time. She talks to me about the ins and outs of turbulence, so when the time comes during the flight, I don’t freak out. In the past, I once grabbed the arm of the traveler next to me thinking it was my armrest during turbulence (yup, true story). I breathe deeply, and eventually, the roughness passes. Letting a member of the cabin crew know of your fear of flying can be reassuring as well. An app like Headspace or a calm playlist you create can be useful to tune in to before takeoff. If you don't have these prepared, enjoy the inflight entertainment and catch up on your favourite shows or movies.
  3. Think of your destination. Visualize all of the places you will explore, the people you will meet and the things you will accomplish at your destination. If your trip is for business, walk through all of the upcoming calendar items that you have and how you are going to kill it at that presentation, meeting, etc. If you are going for fun, think of all of the exciting places you will explore! We have a free Travel Wanderlist to get you started in our printable library. 
  4. Remember what works. Did packing a toiletry bag into your carry-on prove to be helpful in-air? Was remembering that extra pair of socks a lifesaver? Remember the items you packed or the steps you took before your travel that made your life so much easier and less stressful. These will be great to reference when you prepare for that next trip.
Ponderlily travel planner, photos, and camera

Don’t forget the resources that can help you with your journey:

Hope these tips help you with your next flight! Safe travels!

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