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You’ve checked out our website, fell in love with our planners, placed an order and your delivery has just showed up at your doorstep. You rip open the package with pure excitement and thumb through the crisp, artfully crafted pages. If you’re a proud, new owner of one of our planners, or if it’s on your wish list, here are some helpful tips on how to use the new Ponderlily planner!

Set Your Goals

When you first get your planner, make a goal to check-in and write on a regular basis – monthly, weekly or daily. Also, think about why you want to lead a more mindful life and small steps you can take to add joy to your journey. Each month, there are ten sections where you can list a goal for the month. These can be stand-alone goals or directly linked back to your Inspiration spread to design a powerful roadmap for your year.

Reflect on the Process

Your life isn’t going to instantly change the first day you start using our planner (although, wouldn’t that be great?). As you use our planner page by page, you’ll find that your self-reflection, confidence and mindfulness will grow a little at a time. Taking time to reflect on your experiences is a fantastic way to discover where changes can be made to impact your life positively. The month is done, learn from valuable experiences, and let’s turn a new leaf!

Explore & Experience

What would you like to explore and experience this year? What will make 2018 spectacular? Here, we encourage you to keep a wanderlist of places to visit, people to meet, causes you would like to support, or moments to celebrate in 2018. Could be small or huge — the contents of this list will be unique to you!

Just Start!

Grab a pen, kick on some relaxing music, and let your thoughts flow! The planner spread, designed as a gatefold, allows you to keep pictures, quotes, memories or wishes. How you fill these pages is up to you – your creativity has no limits! We also offer several printables to help you along your journey.

In a nutshell, there’s no wrong way to use our planner. It has been designed to be flexible enough to be in a way that suits your lifestyle, so feel free to jump right in. We’d love to know how our early adopters are using the Ponderlily planner.

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Photo credit - Karolina Bak

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