Is your to-do list getting you down? Try THIS instead.

Who doesn’t love a good to-do list?!

We all do it in some form or another. From Post-It Notes stuck to the fridge or an app on your phone, the to-do list is an integral part of our busy lives.
As our lives seem to get busier and busier each year so do our to-do lists.

But we are more than the roles we play, so why should our days be measured by tasks and checkmarks? Life is more about the person you are and not the things you accomplish and in the hectic lives we lead this is something that is often forgotten.

As a mother of twins with a full-time job and a company to run, I definitely lead a very full life. From getting the school run done in the morning to the minute my children are tucked up in bed at night, with all the office work in between, my days are what people would say, busy. The reason I don't call it that, however, is because all the appointments on my agenda are intentional.

Being a mother is a full-time job in itself and, as amazing a job as it is, it is important to remember that that is not the whole ‘me’. I am an individual in my own right; a wife a friend, a daughter. 

So how do I balance all these things? That’s where the ‘To-be list’ comes in!

What is a To-Be List? 

The To-be list is the 'to-do' list's BFF. The companion for life that will help you fall back in love with your life again.
A well-balanced lifestyle is an absolute must in the hectic world that we live in and a To-be list will help you support that.

I get it, days can get out of hand and in the craziness that is life it is easy to forget time for me and get bogged down in the endless lists of things still to be done.
The way I cope with all the demands on my time is to make space for meaning.
It can be a simple thing such as taking my children to the park to feed the ducks and hear their infectious giggles as they run around having fun, a long soak in a hot bubble bath or making time to grab a coffee and have a natter with a friend. 

‘In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.’ Dalai Lama

When I have time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, I let me mind wander in search of positive possibilities and I think about what I want to truly be.
Envisioning the person I want to be helps me set meaningful intentions in my life and it guides me on the path to becoming that person. So why don’t you give it a go?

How to get started with a To-Be List

Getting started with and practising your own To-be list is very simple. These tips can help:

  1. Get a fresh piece of paper and write, ‘In 2019 I want to be (fill in the blank). For example, “I want to be a writer”, or “I want to be healthy, or, "adventurous.” Start with a small list of things, say 3 things you want to be.
  2. Read your list out loud, say it proud.
  3. Put your list somewhere where you can see it easily and from time to time. You can put this list in your wardrobe door, refrigerator door or by your bathroom mirror or tucked in the 2019 gate-fold of your Ponderlily planner.

Throughout your day, ask yourself, “Is this what I want to be? Is it helping me be what I want to be?” By so doing, you will find that your actions will align with how you want to be. You will also find that you will intuitively engage in behaviours aligned with what you want to be.

Making your To-Be Sustain your To-Do List

The key is to keep it simple. Trying to set yourself too many goals at once can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Start by taking small manageable steps.
It is important to take time to reflect on your ‘To be’ list every day and as the days roll on you will find yourself closer than you ever imagined to what was once only an aspiration.

So be bold, be fearless, and take your first steps towards the ‘me’ you truly want to be!

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