Intentional Journaling: Our Top 10 Favourite Prompts

Intentional journaling…do you want to know how to be intentional with your journaling? Here are 10 of our Favourite Prompts!

Once you have your ideal journal and have got yourself into the routine of taking the time to write in it regularly, it’s important that you utilise your new habit to best benefit from it and to best nurture your schedule, your wellbeing and your objectives. Don’t beat yourself up if you do fall into the trap of writing in your journal just ‘because’ – we all do it! – but recognise this once you have and start to become more intentional in your journaling.

You don’t need to write what you did that day, or how you felt, if you don’t feel like it. Using prompts printed in your journal can be a great spark for inspiration for writing something, and it need not be the same thing every day, week or month. Even if your journal doesn’t have printed prompts within, or a printed prompt that feels ‘right’ when you sit down to scribe, we’ve got some great ideas for prompts to try out. These are ten of our favourites, but feel free to work through and tweak or amend as you see fit for your life, your writing and your journal.

What is your favourite memory of this week?
Big or small, this should be something that makes you smile or instils a feeling of calm or joy within you. It doesn’t need to be a big occasion or event but could be anything that makes you feel positive!

What are you grateful for today?
Again, don’t get swept up in anything grand! Note down what you’re feeling gratitude for today and why.

What is your favourite part of your house and why?
Our homes are our sanctuaries, and they should be somewhere that you feel safe and at ease. Your favourite area of your home may be your bed, your garden, your child’s nursery or even just your kitchen window where you grab the odd few breaths over a cup of coffee.

What do you want less of in your life? How can you achieve that?
You may not be able to do anything about lessening negativity or unpleasant circumstances in your life, but acknowledging that you’d like to work towards less of them is important. Acknowledging how they affect you and that nothing is forever can help you strive toward better.

How do you want to spend your day today?
Not everyone journals before they go to bed! Set yourself an intention of something to do today, and use your written prompt as a way to encourage yourself to achieve it. If you don’t manage to take this on the same day, don’t worry: but look to do so at your earliest convenience.

What makes you feel alive?
Everyone has something that galvanises them and makes them feel at their peak. This is different for every individual, but whatever it is for you: appreciate it… and then go do more of it!

What are you looking forward to this season?
There’s nothing better than having plans to look forward to, even if they’re not fully formulated and confirmed yet. Use this prompt as a way to motivate you to make more plans, prepare more and count down the days until those things you’d like to do.

Who inspires you?
Your portfolio of personally inspiring people may change as your circumstances and life do, but it’s important to keep those who motivate you in mind often. Take a lesson from everyone you meet (even if it’s that you don’t want to do/say/act in a way they do!) and use them all to develop and grow yourself as a person.

What’s your wildest dream?
…and would you do it if you knew you couldn’t fail? Dreams and ambitions aren’t just for children – they’re for everyone.

Where were you a year ago today… and where would you like to be in a year’s time?
If you’d told yourself a year ago that you’d be doing what you’re doing now, it’s very probable that you’d have never believed yourself. Setting an intention for 365 days ahead allows you to motivate yourself toward goals whilst also giving yourself a great reminder of how far you’ve come, all you’ve achieved, and where your life could be headed next.

Try out these prompts next time you’re lacking inspiration to write and see what works for you. It may be if you identify a favourite you choose to use it again and again to feel gratitude, identify positives and set goals for life ahead.

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