Start an Indoor Garden this Summer

It has long been proven that there are numerous benefits to introducing plants and foliage indoors; be that into your living space, working environment or anywhere else where you spend time. If you’d like to get a little more involved in your physical and mental wellbeing than just buying a plant and plonking it around the house, it is possible to work a little more and nurture your own indoor gardening project.

Studies have shown that interior landscaping can have dramatically positive effects on the occupant’s overall wellbeing. Many of us feel instinctively calmer around greenery and this ease helps those around it to experience less stress. It gives a more relaxed feel to interior design, purifies the air within it, and helps lower background noise that many can find a distraction.

Gardening is, therefore, a fantastic pastime to nurture self-worth and health, but many people don’t have a large garden space or a shed full of fancy tools. However, there’s lots you can do without these things at your disposal!

Small herb gardens can be grown and tended to entirely indoors, and lots of supermarkets sell small starter plants to get you going. This allows you to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of having a plant indoors whilst also enjoying home-grown produce to include within your food preparation and cooking. Herbs need as much natural light as possible and many will get fragrant in the heat, so placing them in a window is ideal.

Of course, here at Ponderlily, we love lilies, and water lilies can, believe it or not, be grown indoors too! Some of the smallest possible cultivars of lilies are easily grown inside, and with the correct attention and water top-ups, can flourish for up to nine months of the year. Wash as much dirt off the bulbs as possible and then plant them in salad bowls or other similar containers in a fish bowl or tank. Soil-based aquarium planting mixes help keep water clear from grime and a basic LED office light won’t use too much energy and yet will encourage your lilies to bloom beautifully. They make for a much more interesting plant installation than most!

If you’re not overly green fingered but adore the look and feel of having plants indoors, there’s now lots of technology and gadgets to help you from killing off your new friends too quickly and to keep everything looking neat and tidy. If you can have people questioning the authenticity of your plants and flowers, you know you’ve done a good job!

Nature doesn’t need to be left outside and bringing it in will only help make your life happier and healthier. Embrace the green and start your journey to a botanical wonderland of a home now.

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