How To Wrap Sustainably This Year

Gift-wrapping + coffee. The perfect combination.

It’s Christmas time!

I love this time of year. From the delicious smell of gingerbread and pine that fills the house to the simple joys found in spending time with friends and family, it’s such a wonderful season. For me, one of my favorite activities is wrapping the gifts! I can easily spend hours in some obscure room in the house, wrapping gift after gift for what seems like hours.

Let's Change Gift-Wrapping

As I was deep into my gift-wrapping zone last year, it occurred to me how much paper we go through each year around this time of year. Just think of how much we don’t even use for the actual gifts themselves, like all the edges we need to trim or all those bits we inevitably cut too small. As a owner of a business that is built on a foundation of sustainability, I began to think of ways I could honor this foundational belief, create less waste and of course, save money. Here’s a few simple tips I came up with that you can use to join us in having a more sustainable, environmentally friendly Christmas this year!

Kraft Paper

I love Kraft paper! Not only is it trendy, stylish and highly customizable, it’s also recyclable! The days of tossing scraps or remnants into the garbage on Christmas Day will be a faint memory as all Kraft paper can go straight into the recycling bin. Can anyone say peace of mind?! I am also a fan of how beautiful you can make each of these packages with greenery, bright colored ribbons or dried plants!


Even if you don’t get newspapers delivered anymore, I’m willing to bet you have some lying around, collecting dust (where does it come from?!) Luckily, newspaper can easily be transformed into a beautiful, artistic wrapping paper with just a little sprucing up by adding your favorite ribbon and bow. If you can’t find any around your house, I’m sure any of your friends or family will be happy to give you some of theirs!

Craft it up!

Any craft store, or maybe even a thrift store, should carry reusable gift bags of all shapes, sizes, colors and prices! From large tote bags to little drawstring pouches, these are quite possibly the easiest option as you simply toss the gift inside and you’re done! The best part about gift bags is that whoever you give your chosen gift to is most likely going to reuse the bag for one of their gifts to someone else!

Shopping bags

To save money, time and be sustainable all at once, use the bags you’re given when you buy your gifts from the store. Many stores this time of year already go above and beyond designing beautiful shopping bags so take advantage of it. Ask the store to remove the price tags and include a gift receipt, and then all you need to do is add a nametag to the outside and it’s ready to go.

Let someone else do the hard work!

Many online stores (ours included!) provide complimentary gift-wrapping for your purchases. You’ll get your gift, wrapped and ready to go, delivered straight to your house and all you have to do is put it under the tree. You won’t need to buy any wrapping paper and your gift will look as beautifully wrapped as possible (you can even take credit for it!)

Having a sustainable holiday season is becoming more and more important and at Ponderlily, we are always excited to learn news ways we can help our planet! These are just some of the ways you can create less waste throughout the holidays while also still having beautifully wrapped gifts.

Need Some Gift Inspiration?

Still looking for gifts? Head over to our website and check out our Ponderlily Christmas Gift Sets! All of our products are sustainable and made with quality materials that will last! The best part? Your gift will come fully wrapped with sustainable, eco-friendly materials!

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