How to Combat Workday Woes

This post is all about developing a plan to get you through those tough days at work. No matter how much you love your job, there will be tough days here and there — getting out for a funk can be a little difficult if you don’t have an action plan to turn to when the motivation levels are not there, and you don’t feel like adulting. Trust me; we’ve all been there! 

Here are some ways to keep the good mood going and tips to change your attitude around when times get a little tricky!

Take a 10-minute walk
Sometimes it helps to step away and relax your mind. That’s always better than spinning your wheels if you’re already feeling anxious or stressed. Go for a walk on your lunch break or spend time away from your computer to clear your head. Take a lap around the office or head outside for a stroll around the block. If you can, don’t take your phone with you! Or if you do bring your phone, play your favorite song or tune into a podcast you love. This will help clear your mind in no time!

Pace your work

Most tough days come when we pile on too much at once. If that to-do list is overflowing, consider delegating work if possible! You can also pace your workload and keep your peak productivity times in mind. If you are a morning person, that project overview may be a good fit for when you first get to the office. Time blocking may also be a good strategy for you! Keep similar tasks grouped, so your mindset is focused on that one thing instead of going back and forth!

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Drink plenty of water
Hydration is SO essential, my friend! There are so many benefits of incorporating more water into your daily life. From prettier skin to just feeling so much better - fill up that water bottle and drink up! If you struggle with drinking lots of water, try adding lemon or cucumber slices to add some delicious flavor or get a cute new water bottle for your desk. 

Avoid heavy lunches
That mid-day slump struggle is real! Don’t let a heavy lunch be the reason your day and brought down. Keep it light and incorporate snacks into your schedule if you can. There is nothing worse than wanting a nap after a heavy lunch and having to go back to your desk to get more work done. 

Find meaning outside of work
In cases where your job doesn’t easily align with a meaningful purpose, it’s possible to use work as an opportunity for doing good - seek out opportunities where you may be able to experience this. You can volunteer to mentor other women at work if you’re looking for opportunities to make a difference, for example. Incorporating other meaningful things into your schedule such besides just work can also help with your mindset! Try to find an organization to volunteer with or mentor a rising colleague. 

Bonus tip: If there’s something stressful, beyond your control happening like a company-wide restructure, know that it’s just that - beyond your control. Try to establish healthy habits around your work relationships. Having a friend to turn to at work can be another great way to deal with everything going on! 

Use these tips to develop a game plan of your own when you don’t feel like sitting at your desk and getting it done! It is better to be prepared to deal with it the next time it comes around instead of waiting for burnout or a tough day to happen!

Download the FREE Daily Rituals printable and set the tone for your rhythms and routines for work today! When your daily rhythm contains the space for you to get things done, accomplishing goals becomes a way of life. Positive habits, such as established household rhythms, work to save energy and brainpower for the times you need it. 

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