How I Plan my Week

I often get asked about my planning routine. I work a 9-5 job (outside Ponderlily, where there's a cafeteria and everything), I have twins who just turned 4, and I'm a founding member at it takes a bit of planning to juggle priorities.

When it comes to planning my week, I spend about 15 minutes on it. That. Is. It. I usually do this during a coffee break just before I start work for the day or during my lunch break on a Thursday or a Friday so I can start the week anew.

I use a Ponderlily weekly planner and here's what I focus on:

Writing down at least one positive intention for my week. One of my favourite positive intentions is, "All will be well." To learn more about the power of affirmations you can read more here. I genuinely think writing something positive in my planner helps set the tone to my week and I can turn to it when I need a friendly reminder when things get challenging. Sometimes my intention is, "finish writing ouline for class," when I've been procrastinating work (because, Netflix).

Noting key dates for the week - this includes dates in which my kids have non-uniform days, date nights with my husband, work-related deadlines, etc. I also scan my emails to make sure I haven't missed anything. Once I can see how my week is shaping up, I notice when I may need additional time to prepare for something like research or getting the twins to a birthday party.  I have certain appointments automatically scheduled in my Google Calendar so I scan those quickly to make sure I'm not double-booked or over-extending myself.

Setting time aside to recharge - these are activities which aren't necessarily like-bound, that I really look forward to, and that will allow me to feel invigorated during the week. They truly make a difference! Favourite fixtures of the Recharge box in my planner are: Go to our local park for a walk after dinner as a family, send a voice note to my best friend Megs, or pop into my friend Sarah's for a chat. I make sure time to recharge is on the agenda because I realise that I show up in my week with my A-game: more attentive, more prepared, and with my heart full.

Reviewing healthy habits - I write down healthy habits I want to commit to or continue to practice. I make a conscious effort to drink more water and exercise. I often write my healthy habits for the week down so I'm more likely to commit to them and I can think through how to incorporate these things without feeling like they're an obligation. This week, I have quite a few deadlines on so to make space to work on a class I'm delivering next week, I'll be doing exercise videos (this can be yoga or something more intense, it really depends on how I feel) at home 3x a week instead of driving to the gym. 

    My planning practice has changed a lot over the years. In this season of my life, I don't colour code anything (I may use a green pen every once in a while if I can find one) in my planner, I don't spend hours on 'the making of the schedule', and I don't make it a "thing." What works for me now is having a general guide for the week that allows enough flexibility for spontaneity, the unexpected, and naps. 

    woman writing in Ponderlily planner on the sofa

    How do you plan your week? Let me know in one of our social media channels (you can DM-me if you want) if you have any questions about my planning routine and I'll get back to you. 

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