How To Boost Productivity by being Kinder to Ourselves

The stresses and strains of modern life take their toll on all of us from time to time, but if there’s one thing that the world and all of us in it need a little more of, it's kindness.

We all try to be compassionate and empathetic toward others and take the time to add in little touches, special experiences and nice surprises for others, but in order to best look after others, you need to look after yourself too. Here we look at how to boost productivity by being kinder to ourselves.

The kinder we are to ourselves, the better we feel internally. We don’t need to be extravagant in our self-care routine, although a day on the beach, sipping a pina colada wouldn’t hurt. But practicing kindness and checking our self-talk will give us the refreshment we need to boost not only our internal wellbeing but productivity levels as well. 

Focus on What You Can Control

When life seems to throw you obstacles from multiple directions, all at once, it can feel impossible to manage. However, you’re allowed to take a moment, sit back, evaluate the situation, and focus on what you can control.

When you can do this, you empower yourself to accept the situation as is and centralize on what needs to be done. Sometimes, taking a step back to re-evaluate is necessary to prove to yourself that you are capable of overcoming the stressful situations presented to you because you are in control. The outside distraction remains just that.

Using a flexible journal such as the Ponderlily planner also allows you to set out your intentions and goals without emphasizing over-exertion or the aspirational need to do everything all at once. Instead, you can plan your errands, responsibilities, and life whilst keeping in consideration your well being, spiritual strength, and physical and mental health. Give yourself a little leeway from time to time…

We can’t focus on both the present and the future. We have to take the day as it comes. After all, tomorrow isn’t promised.

Focus on One thing

Being busy and doing more doesn’t mean that you will become successful. If anything, it will only prolong your success.

This is because you’re spending your time focusing on multiple tasks when you should be mastering one before you move on to the next. Start your day by completing the tasks that will benefit you the most. Not only will this help your productivity but you take the pressure off yourself of trying to complete all the things.

Give yourself permission to be imperfect

When you accept that you will always be learning, you give yourself permission to be imperfect. It’s important to realise that failure is the best teacher and learning from our mistakes is the most efficient way to learn anything. Choose to be kinder to yourself when the unkind voice in your head takes over. Accept that growth can be a slow process and that there’s no shame in making mistakes. Practice patience with yourself. It will encourage you to keep going despite the difficulties you stumble upon.

Limit Screen Time

Eliminating distractions can help boost productivity and one of the best ways to do so is a digital detox. Social media can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great to be able to connect with your friends and other like-minded individuals, but you put yourself at risk with the comparison game.

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You end up feeding into what others are doing better than you, where they are in life compared to you and it’s simply an unhealthy way of life. Limiting screen time helps you keep life on track and not lose sight of yourself in the mix.

Use the time to focus on yourself, your accomplishments, and your goals. Practice self-compassion and know that what you’re doing in life is your path and no one else’s. What’s one thing you can do today so that you can recharge your batteries? Can’t think of anything? Head over to our printable library for more self-care ideas.

Celebrate Your Wins

Big or small, you deserve to celebrate every win. Each one is a step closer to being where you want to be. You can choose how you want to celebrate, but it’s important you do something. Write down your accomplishments, take yourself out to dinner, give yourself a spa day - become aware of your success.

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Your hard work has paid off and you owe this to yourself. Not only does celebrating your wins help you focus on the great parts of your day, but it helps you to acknowledge your hard work and boosts your self-esteem.

Find moments throughout your day to show yourself kindness. It’s important to treat yourself like you would a best friend. When you shower them with love and compassion, they flourish and grow.

Visit out printable library to download 50 self-care tips today!

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