Gifting for Female Entrepreneurs

What do you give the ambitious, creative, resourceful boss who has it all? 

You’ve browsed every department store and scrolled through every gift guide, but you’re feeling uninspired. A box of chocolates and a bottle of Champagne is usually a failsafe choice…but you can guarantee that the well-connected entrepreneur in your life will have a year’s supply of fizz and fancy confectionery by the time the New Year rolls around. 

Instead of thinking about what she wants, think about what she needs. No matter what she specialises in, the chances are, she needs one of three things. 

  1. To be more productive 
  2. To have more time 
  3. To relax and recharge 

The gifts of productivity, time and relaxation are invaluable to entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer an array of planning and self-care products that help ambitious women plan, pursue and seize the things that matter most to them, both professionally and personally. 

Check out our gift ideas for the special entrepreneur in your life. 

The Planner 

She’s a stickler for deadlines, the iPhone calendar app, and colour-coded notes. A strategic thinker, this entrepreneur knows the importance of a solid plan to achieve her goals. The problem? Things have been stacking up at work lately and her razor-sharp organisation skills have started to slip a little. The last thing she wants is to become the person who double-books meetings and forgets deadlines. But until she gets a handle on her workload, she risks biting off more than she can chew. 

We’d recommend...the Ponderlily weekly planner.

Featuring a weekly view, a calendar view, a monthly goals section, and spaces for to-do lists and intentions, it’s the perfect work to weekend tool for keeping organised, planning ahead and tracking goals. Say goodbye to the Sunday scaries: this planner ensures she’ll never miss a thing. 

The Introvert 

She’s got a deep, unwavering commitment to her craft. A true expert, she lives and breathes what she does and everyone knows it. She’s got a host of loyal clients and sparkling testimonials, which means she’s high in demand. So, she spends most of her days talking to people and providing solutions. The problem? This entrepreneur is a textbook introvert. Although she loves nothing more than supporting people, hours of talking can leave her feeling exhausted and unmotivated. She needs plenty of downtime to recharge and stay at the top of her game. 

We’d recommend….the Journal Lover Gift Set. 

Featuring a chic bullet journal and washi tape set, your intro-preneur bestie can journal, doodle, write, dream, and plan to her heart’s content. There’s no better way to get rid of the stresses of the day and carve out some much-deserved introvert’s dream.  

The Creative 

Her brain is basically a glittery ideas factory. She’s always coming up with bigger and better ways to serve her clients or customers; ‘uninspired’ is a word that simply isn’t in her vocabulary. When it comes to the grand ‘big picture’ stuff, she’s unbeatable. But when it comes to the small, day-to-day tasks she needs to do to turn those ideas into reality...she gets bored and distracted. She wants fireworks and fanfare, But, unfortunately, she’s got to do the legwork first. 

We’d recommend...the 2022 wall calendar. 

Your biz bestie can build a roadmap to make her dreams come true this coming 2022. She can see the year at a glance, divided by quarters, as well as fields for each day, so she can plan her projects step-by-step. Seeing visible progress will inspire this boho boss to keep going, as she knows her efforts will be worth it in the long run. 

The CEO 

She’s an industry icon and professionalism is her middle name. She’s got a thriving business, a team of experts behind her, and a schedule that would make Miranda Priestly wince. Her day-to-day duties are mostly client-facing and you’ll typically find her on a Zoom call or whizzing up and down the country to attend meetings and events. With clients to please, expectations to meet, and a team to manage, it’s important that she runs a tight ship. 

We’d recommend...the meeting notebook.

And the gorgeous Ponderlily Portfolio, because when you walk into the boardroom, you want to make an entrance.


All groundbreaking ideas came from great minds who dared to make things happen. With Ponderlily’s Meeting Notebook, your CEO friend can do just the same. With 120 square-cornered pages and lay-flat binding, she can capture every bright, promising idea from those back-to-back meetings. What’s more, the chic ocean blue cover makes for an elegant desktop accessory. 

For more inspo, browse our full collection online.

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