Wanna start a Garden? We've Got Great Gardening Tips

With the seasons changing and the weather warming up, it's  time to get outdoors! In between trips to the beach with family and poolside sessions with your friends, incorporate some outdoor gardening into your schedule. Not only will you enjoy picking up an old hobby or investing in a new one, but your garden can really add something to your home and neighborhood.

Gardening does not have to be a challenging undertaking, but with some patience and a little bit of a green thumb you can really enjoy this! Plus our quick tips will help along the way to growing your garden.

Learn about your climate and region

Before you start digging in the soil, do a little bit of online digging to find out what types of things grow best in your area and your current season. Also take a look at the area you are going to be planting in and see how much sun or shade that space is getting regularly. it's  very important to understand the environmental limitations and possibilities of your plot! You can also chat with an employee at a local plant center to learn more if you are getting confused between Google searches.

Pick your perfect plot

A simple tip that most people may not consider is selecting a plot near a water source. Make sure you can run a hose easily to your spot. You want to create a space not too far where you have to continually take a long walk back and forth with your watering can.

Test your soil as well to see that it's prepped properly for planting. You can send a sample to a local gardening spot or purchase an at-home kit from the store. Your testing will tell you how well the nutrients acclimate to your spot and how well your plants will grow. This test will also inform you on how you should treat the soil and so on for the best environment possible for your planting.

Know your skill level

Don’t take on a challenging plant if you are just starting out. You want to find something you can grow well, not kill right away. Low maintenance gardening is the way to go if you have not been gardening for a while. Once you feel comfortable with your skill level, you can layer more complicated plants or items into your plot.

Create a plan for your garden

Once you have selected your plants and picked your plot, create a plan for the layout of your garden. You will have to accommodate for proper spacing between plants and be mindful of the height your plants will grow. The taller plants can block the sunshine from the shorter ones!

Consider potted plants

If you are limited on yard space or don’t want to have to maintain a large plot, potted plants may be the way to go for you. You can grow all types of plants, vegetables and more in a pot. You can also better control the nutrients in the soil with potted plants. This could be a great option for gardening beginners.

You can also make a craft day with friends or family to paint different pots to prepare your containers for your new potted garden display!

Be patient

In a world of instant gratification, waiting around for plant to grow may be a little difficult, but don’t worry! The patience will pay off. With a little bit of work and a lot of patience, you will have a gorgeous garden in no time.  

Which plant would you want to add first to your garden? We want to know! If you test out the skills of your green thumb, we’d love for you to share! Use #ponderlilyplaces so we can give you a shoutout and feature your beautiful green space on our feed.

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