Gaining Control of Your Schedule During a Busy Season

Jobs, plans, families, fur babies, schedules… life can get crazy. Here at Ponderlily, we believe in helping you put yourself, your dreams, and appointments on your agenda. Let’s pause, take a deep breath, and take a look at your schedule. 

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Most times, your schedule can get packed in a matter of minutes, and you can barely find a 30-minute block of time in your day to breathe. I can confidently say this has happened to me a season or two. Let’s talk about some ways to bring back some sanity into your schedule!

Focus on YOU

Of course, it is not always easy to take time for yourself to focus purely on yourself; much less to do so regularly and really clear yourself of distractions. Indeed many resources, both online and off, recommend long periods of spiritual cleansing and fresh habit-building in order to live mindfully – but thankfully restoring your life’s balance to a healthy one and living in a mindful manner can be done much more simply.

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The benefits in seeking harmony between your life’s schedule and events alongside your wellbeing should be obvious, as the two should go hand-in-hand together. Making time for what means most, even if just for a few minutes, can really help you feel better connected to the activity and change how you feel about your days for the better.

Welcome the empty space

Keep this in mind! Empty space in your calendar is a good thing. You show up as the best version of yourself when you’re nourished, hydrated, and rested. Just ten to fifteen minutes in between meetings or an hour in between appointments that require a commute will do. 

Don’t feel the need to fill up each hour, minute, second with something. As you start implementing these tips into your lifestyle, you should hopefully start seeing more and more white space in your schedule. Enjoy the gaps between commitments to relax, play catch up on other things, or just enjoy sitting still!

Keep track of it all in one place

Whether or not you are a keen writer, the act of writing things out and having them sealed on paper all in one place allows you to revisit notes later on. The Ponderlily planner makes for the perfect place to do just this; and permits it to be done concisely, to save time, and with prompts, to motivate and inspire you to write even when you’re not in a frame of mind or mood that may be naturally conducive to do so. Plus, having a one stop shop to all of your responsibilities and commitments can really allow you to feel in control of your schedule!

What works best for me during this busy season is having a general guide for the week that allows enough flexibility for spontaneity, the unexpected, and time with loved ones. Plus, I need some extra time in my schedule for last minute shopping for the holidays! 

How do you gain control of your schedule? Share with me on Instagram!  


Image credit of Ponderlily Planner goes to Josephine Brooks

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