Find More Time In Your Schedule With These 5 Techniques Today

Some days it seems like you can barely fit in that extra assignment at work let alone a date night with your spouse and your child’s play at school. You may be struggling to find time to do all of the things and get all of those to-dos crossed off your list. In today’s blog post, we are going to cover three techniques to find more time in your schedule!


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Before we go any further, I want to encourage you and let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel with it comes to your crazy schedule! If you feel you get off track, when life feels like it’s on top of you, I promise you -- there are ways around it, there are people who can help, and you just need to create momentum.

However, do yourself a favor and remind yourself that your schedule is personal to you - don’t compare your day to day to others on Instagram, keeping up with the Joneses so to speak. Create a life that YOU are excited about, not one that keeps your head spinning trying to do it all like some of the women you follow online. Chances are, they are probably struggling with their schedules too, they just don’t post that part of their lives online! Truth.

Alright,, back to our top techniques!

Technique #1 - Change the pace

An easy way to find more time in your schedule is by changing the pace of your day. Pause and slow down so you can assess where you are at. In this stillness, you can evaluate what truly matters to you and determine what needs to be eliminated from your day to day. If you live your life in a slower demeanor, your schedule may seem more manageable. Over time, you will take on fewer things and keep things at a more realistic pace.  

Technique #2 - Change the scene

Your environment greatly affects your productivity. A change of scenery can be extremely invigorating and can sometimes buy you time. Head to a coffee shop or visit your local library to switch things up every once and a while. Or head into the conference room for a brainstorming session with coworkers - whatever you can do to change things around you! 

And yes, Marie Kondo IS right - clearing your space can make you more productive. Set a time to start and stop this activity though so you’re not faffing around. Don’t let yourself use your “clean up” time as a distraction and procrastinate on your work! 

Technique #3 - Change perspective

Another way to find more time in your schedule is by changing your perspective! Get intentional about what do you really want to do, experience, and contribute through your life.

Take time to be honest with how you’re spending your time in comparison to the time you realistically have available. Identify what’s working, what could be better when it comes to establishing boundaries. Set your mind to establishing and communicating healthy boundaries.

You want to make sure to especially set healthy boundaries with yourself too! Practice saying no to things more often, it will get easier the more times you say it! 

Technique #4 - Change the plan

Remember, planning is personal. You may be in a different season right now and perhaps changing the plan may be appropriate. Where to start? Identify your most productive time in the day and make a plan. Yes, that matters!

Here’s what I do: I know that my most productivity ‘prime time’ is between 8-9am, just before I start work. That’s when I power though a 25-minute productivity ‘sprint’ so to speak.

Don't know where to start on how to change up your to-do list and need some inspiration? You got it!

Here’s how it goes down when I need to find focus:

  1. Turn on favourite tune
  2. Grab. that. Coffee.
  3. Set the timer to 25 minutes
  4. Watch me focus like a hawk on making progress towards getting results.

And speaking of results...I only tackle 3 key things a week. Yup, 3. 

By creating a priorities list with only 3 things on it, you can tangibly move the needle towards the goals you have. These items need to be smart and result-driven. 

Here are some examples to help you out with this step:

  • Contact 4 connections and set up networking meetings
  • Purchase and send out October birthday cards
  • Review family budget and update bill due date reminders in my calendar

I get that you may have more things on your plate, but you’ll feel more accomplished if you set your priorities to 3 things and get those big rocks out of the way. Plus, see what you can delegate! Enlist the help of your partner if you can as well! 

Pursue these techniques and processes every day. Know when to cross something off the list, instead of wasting extra time trying to make it “perfect.” 

Know when to call it good

Technique #5 - Change up how you celebrate

Lastly, but certainly not sure to celebrate all the wins too! Whenever we ask how people celebrate their wins, the reaction is typically, meh...I don't really do anything. 

Hear me out: when we’re so busy we can sometimes put off all the fun things that life has to offer - you forget what they are. Where’s the fun in that? You work hard, you deserve to celebrate your progress! This can involve sharing your progress with your work wife, getting yourself a gift (#treatyoself), or making time for that face mask.

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