Fall in love with the way you talk

Words matter. How we use our words can have a massive effect on those around us, including ourselves. Words can make someone’s day or sting someone for a lifetime. While the weight of that thought can be pretty heavy, most of us forget it. We go through our days not thinking twice about how we word things or the ideas we share. We need to encourage one another to take a little bit more time to think before we speak! This is not just to each other but in all areas of life. Read more below!

Remember positive self-talk

I recently read a quote that said, “The way you speak to yourself matters.” Negative self-talk can be a bad habit that a lot of us need to break. We can be our best cheerleaders and our worst enemies based on the inner dialogue we can have with ourselves. Adding positive self-talk into our daily schedules is a must - especially for those of us that run a business. Self-doubt is a significant enemy of entrepreneurs. Positive self-talk can help with our motivation, inspiration and overall attitude. If you struggle with this, try looking up some encouraging quotes or screenshot some texts from loved ones that made you smile. You can print these out and put up in your office or on your mirror to serve as constant reminders. You can also set a daily alarm on your phone with an encouraging word to help you get through the day.

Choose positive words

An entire situation can change based on how you word it. For example, instead of saying, “this is a problem,” consider - “this is a challenge that I can take on.” You can flip the script and change the mentality everything based on the words you use. Instead of making things worse you can get motivated to get the job done. Mindset is everything!

Encourage your team

When people in your workplace or office environment come to you with a problem or roadblock they are facing, ask them to think of the positives. What are the possible outcomes that could have a good effect on your coworker or the team? Get them thinking about those aspects of their issue! You can also use this time to invite them to offer potential solutions. Creating a space where team members can come to you with ideas and dreams is always a good idea. Try implementing a time where team members can visit with you weekly if they don’t already come to your office from time to time. This scheduled space help others become more comfortable with the idea of coming to you when things get tough.

Spread the love to loved ones

As much as our spouses and family members know that we love them, it can never hurt to express that love in a new way. Call up a family member and share how much you appreciated their help during a tough time in your life. Send a sweet note to your kiddo in their lunch bunch. Share with your spouse three reasons why you love them so much. Get creative and have fun with this one!

Remember - words matter! You can use them to hurt or help others. Which one will you choose?

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