A quick guide to meaningful gifting

It is that time of the year again where we all run around for months searching for the ‘perfect’ gifts among the masses for the long list of family, friends, and acquaintances that make up our lives. While gift-giving can come easily to some, it is definitely not a trait that everyone possesses - myself included. How do you give a truly meaningful gift to someone who has seemingly has everything? Here are a few of my ideas to make gift-giving something that goes beyond the price tag and can be meaningful for reasons that are deeper than the surface level. 

Make something yourself

Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds. Yes, make it even if it's not pretty. One year for a friend’s birthday I knew that she did not want any more ‘things’ but she was a healthy eater with a love for chocolate so I made her my beloved paleo brownies from scratch and she adored them. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend you can make it as easy as baking, writing, painting, etc. The time that goes into what you’re creating really speaks to the person beyond something that you just buy at a store. 

Lead them to a new experience

I fall perfectly into this category. My Christmas lists growing up consisted of items like a trip to Disney or the beach which is not reasonable for everyone but maybe they’ve always wanted to go to a candle-making class or try out Barre! Get them a gift card for them (or the two of you) to attend a class or take a trip somewhere fun and exciting. 

Buy them something that is uplifting, or supports a hobby - If you have a friend that is taking up a new sport or hobby or maybe is just interested in something - support that with whatever you get them for Christmas! One of my family members loves to run and this past year I gave her a new running outfit that I know she’ll be able to use and she loved it! This is also great if you have a friend that has talked about wanting to do something but needs a little nudge in that direction. You can show them your full support by gifting them something that will give them a reason to go for it!

Show support to a cause

If you know anyone that is super involved or passionate about a specific issue or charity than you can indirectly support them by giving to that cause. Whether it be something that you would typically get involved with or not this is a really meaningful gift that most people might overlook but can really show somebody that you really care about them. 

Whatever you do, make, or buy - make it meaningful and fun. A moment is everything. Nothing says ‘I love and care about you’ more than giving a gift that really shows that you truly and deeply know someone. Not only is this good for them but it is also heartwarming for you and can really help make all the madness of holiday shopping worth it. Still having trouble deciding what to get? 

I hope these tips give you a lot of ideas and give you lots to think about when it comes to gift-giving. Speaking of ideas...need a place to write those ideas down, friend? I. Got. You. Just click the button below and download a printable to keep these ideas altogether.

Picture of meaningful gift list.


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