5 Ways To Kick-Start September

image of september calendar

There’s something about September that feels like a fresh start. That ‘back to school’ feeling never truly leaves us, as the drop in temperature reminds us of opening a pristine notebook and buttoning up a new coat.

January is traditionally associated with resolutions and promises of self-betterment but it rarely feels like the best time to kick start positive change. The dark mornings and nights, coupled with the post-Christmas slump, leave us feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

September, on the other hand, feels alive with possibilities - an important season for entrepreneurs, academics and students alike. As the leaves turn gold and we swap summer dressers for sweaters, we’re reminded of the scholastic structure of the year. It marks a new term, a new start, a new era.

Let’s start again in style. Here are 5 ways to kick-start your September.

1. Write down your resolutions

Make a list of everything you’d like to realistically achieve before the end of the year. Bullet point what you need to do, on a daily or weekly basis, to move towards those goals. This will lay the groundwork for more positive and productive habits come January. Our weekly dated planners in lilac, charcoal and rose make the perfect desktop or handbag addition, helping you to review goals, track habits and reflect on your personal growth.

2. Organise your wardrobe

Is there anything more satisfying than a streamlined wardrobe? When the 7 am alarm goes off, sifting through a mountain of clothes in a post-sleep daze is hardly an ideal way to start the day. Dedicate a morning to reviewing your wardrobe: what can be donated to a charity shop? What are timeless pieces that can be worn time and time again? What staples are missing from your collection? Once you clear out and organise your wardrobe, you’ll find it much easier to get ready for work, saving you time and stress!

image of wardrobe

3. Check your finances

From subscriptions like Netflix and gym memberships to contactless card payments, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending. Now’s the perfect time to put the kettle on, pull up your bank statements, and review your outgoings. Do you really need that daily Pret latte? Are you on first-name terms with the Deliveroo driver? Once you’ve identified what you can cut down on, consider trying a budgeting app or a mobile bank like Monzo, which will help you keep track of your spending.

4. Learn new recipes

As Autumn approaches, why not add some heartwarming dishes to your repertoire? From stews and tray bakes to pies and crumbles, there’s nothing like wholesome comfort food to warm those chilly evenings. Jot down recipe inspo in our new A5 meal planning notepad, complete with a tear-off shopping list. 

5. Get your stationery sorted

Nothing says ‘September’ quite like new stationery. Ponderlily’s 2022 collection has landed, offering a new selection of planners that help build more balanced, intentional habits.

Made of sustainable, beautiful materials, our planners make every moment count. Whether you’re goal setting, business planning or meal prepping, we’ve got you covered with a host of stylish designs.

  • Cloth and vegan leather covers
  • Recyclable paper
  • Perforated note pages
  • Eco-friendly ink
  • Space for intentions, to-do lists, gratitude, and notes
  • Pocket in the back cover for keepsakes
  • Gatefold page for inspiration
  • UK & US Holidays
ponderlily grey weekly planner

Are you ready to turn over a new page this September? Shop the collection today.

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