5 Accounts To Follow On Instagram To Level Up Your Productivity

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Make your daily social media scrolling habit more productive.

Implementing positive changes into your life is a good idea at any time, but it can often feel a little overwhelming in the early stages of the year. Everywhere you look there is pressure to make big changes, start a crazy diet, or overhaul the whole way you approach your life.

Making lots of big changes to your lifestyle at once is unrealistic, and can make you feel defeated before you’ve even started. Altering every aspect of your life on January 1st is never going to work - it takes time to change habits and it’s much more sustainable if you start with small steps.

Alter Your Daily Social Media Habit

After so many months of working from home, the stress of the past year and a break for the holidays, many of us are feeling a little sluggish and want to up our productivity levels. An easy and sustainable way to bring more productivity into your personal and professional life is to take something you already do daily and alter it to benefit your goals.

For example, your daily social media habit. Most of us spend some time every day scrolling through our social feeds, so why not add more value and purpose to these moments of your day by following these inspirational accounts on Instagram who will make you feel empowered to tackle your tasks!

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to help you level up your productivity and create intention and purpose throughout your day!

1. Classy Career Girl for Women in Career Transition.

Classy Career Girl has been a leading online destination for ambitious women since 2010. They reach millions of women every week, inspiring and motivating those who are job searching or starting businesses. They’ve launched over 2000 dream careers and businesses.

Alongside their amazing online classes for women in career transition, Classy Career Girl provides a super helpful blog and podcast.

Following them on Instagram will bring so many inspirational posts to your Instagram feed, such as how to plan and reach your goals, clips from their workshops, and a smattering of personal tidbits that we can all relate to.

2. Rachel Hollis for a Personal Growth Mindset. 

Rachel Hollis is a NYT bestselling author, and runs a podcast, YouTube channel, and even has an app called Rise - a subscription habit tracker with workouts. She believes that everyone can benefit from a personal growth mindset (and here at Ponderlily we love that her app has the option to select a workout based on how you're feeling!).

On her numerous brands within her company, she says:

“Everything we create exists with the same goal in mind: we want to give you the tools to make permanent and lasting, positive changes in your life.”

If you follow her on Instagram, you can expect lots of personal, relatable stuff - which, let’s face it, we love to see! You’ll also find Instagram posts that aim to encourage you to make positive changes in your life, by auditing your career, setting intentions, and revising and renewing your goals.

3. Louise Henry to Help Your Business Level Up.

Louise is a super-smiley tech expert and online business educator, who will help you level up your online business. 

She creates weekly YouTube videos about online business tech, marketing & entrepreneurship, and you’ll find clips of these highly informative videos on her Instagram grid. Her Instagram profile is jam-packed with loads of tech tips and inspiration.

Louise’s expertise lies in creating simple training to help optimise your business, no matter what point you’re at. She loves teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage tech so that they can save time, automate more, and scale their business with ease. 

4. Career Contessa to Cultivate a Successful Career.

Career Contessa is a trusted career resource built especially for women, to help them become more fulfilled, healthy and successful at work. They have so many incredible resources, including a podcast, and countless amazingly valuable articles and webinars.

They post daily career tips on the Career Contessa Instagram, so they’re well worth a follow if you feel you need a little productivity inspiration. 

Through expert advice, interviews and videos, Career Contessa helps women cultivate successful careers. They also offer one-to-one mentoring, online skills-based courses and resources, and a curated job board curated especially for their audience. 

5. Follow Your Sunshine to Meet Your Full Potential.

Polly of Follow Your Sunshine is here to empower “heart-centred service-based business babes to master their mindset & create soulful success.”

She is a life coach, mentor, motivational speaker, writer and mental health advocate for women around the world - phew! Is there anything she can’t do?!

The Follow Your Sunshine mission is to support women to meet their full potential for health, happiness, abundance and growth by “stepping out of life’s darkness and into their soul’s light.”

Follow Polly on Instagram for inspirational quotes and mantras, tips for finding your purpose, and developing self belief. She also offers group coaching, and a free 30 minute call to discover how her coaching can help you. 


If you have any favourite inspirational people that you follow on Instagram, send us a message - we’re always looking to add more positivity to our social media scrolling sessions!

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