Meet the 2020 Ponderlily Wall Calendar

At Ponderlily, we’re always creating products to support your sustainable lifestyle through intentional planning. Plus, we are continuously looking for ways to create products that fit into YOUR lifestyle. Don’t worry, friends - we have the perfect product for you. Now that it’s 2020, and it’s time to bring your A-game when it comes to your calendar.

Woman holding up the 2020 Ponderlily wall calendar

That’s why we are so thrilled to introduce you to one of our favourite products in the 2020 collection, our very first wall calendar! The Ponderlily 2020 Wall Calendar provides the perfect canvas to draw out your year to help you have an awesome 2020!

We had clients ask us to create this item for a while now and we’re so excited to officially have it as a part of our product collection! Our customers wanted a calendar that was large enough to fit quarterly plans, but also included all of the Ponderlily features they’ve come to know and love: SPACE. This calendar has so much room for brainstorming your latest project, picking the perfect dates for your business strategy or keeping things in order for your household. Your life is full of so much and we wanted to make sure you had enough room to track it all. 

Want to see your year at a glance, divided by quarters, AND space for your word of the year?

Picture of 2020 wall calendar


Your wish is our command! Build a road map to turn your dreams into reality this year with the Ponderlily Wall Calendar. 

Unlike other wall planners, the 2020 Ponderlily wall calendar divides the year into quarters. Under the months you’ll find fields for each day, allowing you to plan step-by-step. Such visible progress inspires you to keep going. It truly is such a unique layout, and we can’t wait to see how you fill up your calendar with all of the things that matter and the goals you want to achieve. This product was designed to help you balance it all and gain a bigger picture perspective of what all is on your plate. 

Picture of quarterly inspiration on 2020 wall calendarWith your schedule in full view and inspiring design to keep you motivated, this 2020 wall calendar is the perfect partner to your planning for the best year yet.

Discover more about our favorite new product through our shop! Click the link here to see more photos and purchase one for yourself (or a friend)! 

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