The Ultimate List Maker Gift Set

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The show-stopping gift for the list-lovers in your life, the Ultimate List-Maker Gift Set features Ponderlily's favourite notepads in one beautifully coordinated bundle featuring the Meal Planner, This Week, Note to Self, and Today Notepads. Each notepad serves a different but important purpose, to help you keep on track of your time, prioritise your to-do list and remember to pause and recharge too. 

"This Week" Notepad includes gentle prompts to note your intentions, priorities, and special highlights. The modern A4 desktop planner is designed to help you stay positive, motivated and in control of your whole week, and with 52 pages you're covered for the whole year. This is the perfect addition to any desk or home office, in A4 size, this is the only notepad you'll need on your desk day-to-day to help keep your workspace organised and your mind free of clutter.

The "Note to Self" Notepad is a stylish and gently structured reminder, designed to keep your motivation high, by encouraging daily reflections, intentions and highlights. With space for notes, doodles and dreams, you can get your ideas flowing and then start to prioritise your actions in a neat to-do list. This compact notepad is easy to store and travel, ideal for any small workplace to quickly pick up when you need a moment of mindful planning.

Ponderlily's "Today" Notepad focuses is designed to keep you on top of your busiest of days! This stylish and functional notepad helps you prioritise, organise the nitty-gritty details of your day and helps you keep on top of your targets when those deadlines are looming. Separate sections for your personal and work to-do lists encourage some much-needed self-care in today's busy work environments, with gentle prompts for positive intentions, habits and highlights too. Organise your day mindfully and reach for this compact A5 notepad when you need extra focus and clarity in your plans. 

The Meal Planner allows you to stylishly organise every meal for you and your family, keep track of ingredients, and use the tear-off shopping list that you can take with you to the grocery shop.

There’s always the friend that never shows up empty-handed, and brings just the right gifts that can suit any occasion. Now? It’s your turn—stock up on the Ultimate Notepad Set, et voilà: instant gifts for someone who has everything, on tap! 


Ponderlily Notepads:

  • Printed on strong, eco-friendly recyclable paper and printed with vegetable-based inks, so you know your eco-stationery has been created with the planet in mind.
  • Feature gold foiling detail, for a touch of luxury to your new favourite coordinated stationery collection.

The Notepad Gift Set includes:

1x This Week Notepad

  • Landscape A4 sized, the perfect accessory for any work from home desk space, to keep your week planned and organised.
  • 52 sheets to keep you organised for the whole year-round.

1x Note To Self Notepad

  • 30 sheets of super smooth, strong, and eco-friendly recyclable paper.
  • Small and portable, easy to pop in your handbag or laptop case whilst you're on the move. 

1x Meal Planner

  • Printed on premium, recyclable paper
  • Printed with eco-friendly vegetable-based inks
  • 50 sheets
  • Perforated grocery list

1x Today Notepad

  • 60 sheets of smooth, recyclable paper, to cover 12 working weeks of the year.
  • A5 size notepad, perfectly portable and easy to take to meetings or enjoy a morning coffee break and a moment of mindful planning.

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