Undated Weekly Ponderlily® Planner, Sage


Why wait until a new year to embrace a fresh start?

Begin your journey to a more organized and mindful life at any time with the Ponderlily Weekly Planner in a tranquil sage color. This undated planner brings you the flexibility to start planning your days, weeks, and months when it suits you best, without being tied to the calendar year. It's more than just a planner; it's a tool for mindfulness, goal-setting, and self-care, encouraging you to carve out time for yourself amidst your busy schedule.

Crafted with the environment in mind, the Ponderlily planner uses eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your path to organization also supports the planet. Its elegant design is not just about looks; it's about functionality, seamlessly fitting into all aspects of your life. Whether you're strategizing in a boardroom, managing household tasks, engaging in community service, or finding inspiration in your favorite cozy spot, this planner is your perfect companion.

Embrace the beloved features of Ponderlily's weekly planners—thoughtful layouts, inspiring quotes, and ample space for your ideas and reflections. The undated format offers you the liberty to pause and resume planning according to your life's rhythm, making it an ideal choice for those who value flexibility and adaptability in their organizational tools. With the Ponderlily Weekly Planner in Sage, you're not just organizing your time; you're enriching your life.

It offers everything you need, whether you are in a boardroom meeting, grocery shopping, volunteering at your kids' school, or in your favourite place for dreaming big dreams.

  • flexible planning at its finest, with Sunday OR Monday starts
  • a pocket in the back for your important papers
  • a little place for business cards
  • perforated pages for notes
  • blank space, to let your imagination flow
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