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About Us

Ponderlily is a lifestyle and boutique stationery brand that delivers on-trend, functional, and eco-friendly products for mindful living.

We’re shifting the art of organization by focusing on
To-Be lists rather than To-Do lists. We are more than the
roles we play, so why should our days be measured by
tasks and checkmarks? For this reason, we’re committed to helping you cross items off a to-do list, we create products that support you to feel inspired, restored, and prepared.

Made with ethically-sourced materials and elegant lines,
our products are designed to prompt users to dream fearlessly, set meaningful intentions, and take bold actions. The thoughtfulness applied to our design is also found on the pages, which marry functionality and flexibility so taking notes feel more like a luxury than a task. Text fields inspired by productivity best-practices and guided questions help you achieve your boldest goals and experiences. Read more about our journey here.

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    21st May 2018

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    21st May 2018


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    21st May 2018

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