Hey, 2019...Are you ready?

Here we are, on a new journey and another trip around the sun. Please remember that each new day, not just January 1st, allows us to start anew. You decide every day, step by step, how to experience your journey.

As we ring in 2019, we all too often fall into the same rut. We break New Year’s resolutions as quickly as we make them, feel guilty about our failure to complete them and then repeat the cycle of self-criticism.

But what if you could do something different this year to BE happier, healthier and more fulfilled this year? This year, focus on how much progress you want to make towards you want to feel; focus on how you’re going to celebrate that progress, too. We often focus on the destination or the achievement itself and when you get there, you may forget to reflect on how far you’ve come or recharge from the journey getting there.


Here are our top five ways you can live a more mindful and fuller life in 2019.


Using controlled breathing, meditation can unwind your stress-filled mind, help you relax and let go of everyday negativity. Even if you have a few minutes a day, meditation can make all of the difference! But you have no time, you say? Check out this blog post here to incorporate time and space for meditation into your lives.


Have you always wanted to learn how to paint, photograph better pictures, take up a cooking class or grow your own herb garden? How about making a list of skills you’d like to learn this year? When you expand your horizons, you enrich your life in a whole new way – who knows what kind of doors it will open? You might uncover new hobbies you’ll really enjoy, that might ease your mind, and maybe even meet new friends along the way.


A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Start out simple and pick a type of exercise you enjoy or sounds fun. Or go for a walk. Or try out non-traditional exercise activities like rock climbing, water aerobics, Crossfit or hot yoga.


We seriously don't give ourselves how much credit we for how much progress we make each year. I'm going to go out on a limb and say something that may shock you: but you don't have to celebrate when you accomplish something (ooooh). Good health? #treatyoself. Happy day? #treatyoself. A friend got your back? #treatyoself. Finished a challenging project at work AND did an awesome job? #treatyoself. 


We created the Ponderlily planner to help bring more joy and mindfulness to your life. From writing prompts to inspirational quotes and room to write down your random thoughts, this writing tool will help you connect with what matters most in your life. We also have a gallery of free printables here to help guide you on your journey toward more joy!


When you decide to notice, when you decide to act, when you decide to make a difference (even in a small way), you’ve taken the first step in creating positive change in the world. How can you support someone or your community this year? Explore the possibility of volunteering your time at a local charity, consider paper over plastic to give back to your planet, donate your something old so it can be someone else’s something new, or ponder a way to help a neighbour or friend with a small gesture.  You can improve the world, one day, one person and one act of kindness at a time.

It is my hope that our planner and the resources we have available on the site will inspire you to cultivate more positivity and mindfulness, and prioritize space for meaning in your every day this 2019. Connect with us on social media and let us know how we can help!


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