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Our commitment to intentional living influences all we do—from sourcing eco-friendly materials to providing prompts that help deepen the personal insights we too often tune out.

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At Ponderlily, we hold dear the promise in the pause. The devotedly intrinsic belief that the most remarkable life is possible when you make space for meaning. 

At the binder, we help people put themselves, and their dreams, back on the agenda. Our planner caters for the busy. From the time starved to the moments inspired. A tool that gives them the ability to imagine, daydream and view their life ahead, instead of simply by the hours in a day; through wander-lists, reflections of gratitude, positive habit trackers, we help and hold minds accountable to celebrating triumphs, no matter how infinitesimal.

Our eco-conscious planners are the modern and meaningful accessory to busy, beautiful, brilliant minds everywhere - minds whose days consist of so much more than just a few drab lines in a diary, under a date. 

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Making space for meaning

We believe that life shouldn’t just be about working your way through an ever growing to-do list or leaping from one milestone to the next. It’s about the people we meet, the places we inhabit, and the ideas we bring to life. It’s about paying attention to the gray space that quietly nestles between the  bigger moments, because sometimes the little things can be just as significant. 

Our planner caters for the all too easily forgotten “me-time”. A tool that gives you the ability to imagine and view life ahead, instead of simply by the number of errands accomplished in the day. With wander-lists, reflections of gratitude, positive habit trackers, we help and hold minds accountable to celebrate the everyday.

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Hi! I'm Carina,
Founder of Ponderlily.

I'm a Brazilian-born, Arabian Gulf-raised, Brit-wed, higher-ed executive, and twin mum with a plan: to ignite joy, purpose, and empowerment. Just as it did for me, I hope Ponderlily will inspire you to pursue a life of fullness, not busyness. 

I created the first Ponderlily planner for myself. (It’s not selfish if it helped everyone else in my life, right?). As an overtired, overworked, overwhelmed mum of newborns, I’d internalized the message that making time for myself was less important than my to-do list. But I wanted space to grow, learn, laugh, and to be honest, sleep, too! I knew deep down that life is only as meaningful as our moments and experiences.

Pulling from that realization, and fuelled by my experience as a business analyst specializing in efficiency and my lifelong love for stationery, the first Ponderlily planner was created. From then to now, we have helped thousands of people make space for empowered and meaningful decisions about how they make their mark in the world. 

As our collection grows, intentionality drives everything we create: With sustainable, plastic-free packaging, we are committed to loving the planet well. With reminders about holidays recognized in various cultures, we are committed to loving our communities well. And with prompts that celebrate the person behind the to-do list, we are committed to loving you well.


Carina Lawson founder of Ponderlily