Mindful Living: How To Restore Balance when you're Busy

Mindfulness and the concept of wellbeing are fast spreading as society looks to improve itself as effectively as possible by starting small and with themselves as individuals to laud a larger change in the world. Mindfulness itself can be easily defined as a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment and doing so whilst acknowledging and accepting your own thoughts, feelings and sensations as correct for that time, place and situation. You are then able to make conscious decisions on if and how to change those thoughts, feelings and sensations as desired.

Of course, it is not always easy to take time to yourself to focus purely just on yourself; much less to do so regularly and really clear yourself of distractions. Indeed many resources, both online and off, recommend long periods of spiritual cleansing and fresh habit-building in order to live mindfully – but thankfully restoring your life’s balance to a healthy one and living in a mindful manner can be done much more simply.

It is true that habit-building is key when it comes to living mindfully, in order to give yourself the ability for continual reflection and a focus on wellness. This does not require a great deal of time, nor any special equipment or skills, however. It can be done precisely and comprehensively with just one item: a purpose-filled Ponderlily planner.

Whether or not you are a keen writer, the act of writing things out and having them sealed on paper all in one place allows you to re-visit notes later on. The Ponderlily planner makes for the perfect place to do just this; and permits it to be done concisely, to save time, and with prompts, to motivate and inspire you to write even when you’re not in a frame of mind or mood that may be naturally conducive to do so.

The benefits in seeking harmony between your life’s schedule and events alongside your wellbeing should be obvious, as the two should go hand-in-hand together. Ponderlily’s journaling prompts and specific sections give space for blue sky thinking as well as focus and attention on detail, reflection, and the ability to look forward to the future. Unlike the usual planners you find lining the shelves of stationery shops, there is freedom in these pages: to create, to dream, to inspire… and then to pull everything together to translate it into real life and put it all into action.

A sound life-work balance is key to physical, mental and spiritual health. Writing out your goals, dreams and life reflections alongside your schedule, errands and to-do list allows you to critically acclaim this balance and ensure you’re getting everything that you need to live your life the way you’d like to. This sometimes means making the best with what you have, and sometimes means striving toward more, but either way, working to keep yourself contented, peaceful and of a bright mind and healthy body… all without indulging any more time than you would normally in booking in and arranging your day-to-day schedule. What more could you ask for? 

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