How to set up your undated Ponderlily planner as an academic planner to ace your year!


Back to school season is here! Time to get those pencils sharpened and your schedule in order for assignments, group projects, and study sessions with friends. Before the calendar gets too full, take time to set up your planner to ace your year and stay on top of it all. 

Inspiration Board

First, set up your inspiration board with everything you want to achieve this year. From straight A’s to joining a new club - you name it. Imagine your perfect year. Manifest it all! Most importantly, refer to this often to give you inspiration every step of the way.

Explore & Experience Section

This is The Wanderlist portion of your planner (and my personal favourite) where you can dream big and think of all the adventures you want to experience. Plan vacations with your dorm mates or dream of a weekend away with the girls in your flat. 

Monthly Roadmap

Your monthly roadmap will serve as a landing page for all of your goal setting for the month. This page will be a great place to focus and stay on your top priorities! 

Monthly Calendar

Time for the logistics. What events do you have this month? What big projects can you get ahead on? Use this monthly view to see what all you have going on. 

Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is where we help you keep yourself on the agenda. It's the hub for daily activities, to do items, and more. Make it a habit to invest in your schedule for school success and personal self-care! It is all about the balance. 

Monthly Check-in

We created this section to invite you to look at the progress you made. It features an envelope as the graphic element here to highlight it's a note to yourself to emphasise your areas of growth, key challenges, and how you'll continue to make your progress your practice next month. 

Picture of monthly check in of the Ponderlily planner


To complete the monthly check-in revisit your monthly road map, think about the steps you made towards your goals. List any challenges you may have had or a positive pep-talk to keep you on course. Don't forget to celebrate along the way!

Check out this video we made you showing you exactly how we set this up!


How you fill these pages is up to you – we also offer several printables to help you along your journey.

We hope your Ponderlily planner is helping you to focus on your goals, dreams, and take on inspired action! Tag us in your planner photo on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured or send us an email to If you have any questions, let us know. We love hearing from you!


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